Anne Scott Fund 2018

Every year the Anne Scott Fund distributes thousands of pounds in restricted funding. So far, we have awarded over £8,000 in grants for events in 2018.

Anne Scott Fund report 2018

We receive feedback from all of our grant awardees which enables us to gain a greater understanding on how the grants that we give impact the lives of girls all around the world.

We continue to empower young women and girls, building and strengthening tomorrow’s leaders today. This dynamic approach sees Girls and Girl Guides positively impacting their own countries on a national and regional level. We’ve selected a few quotes and stories from some of our Girl Guides.

Chang, Ting-Wei

Thanks to you she received a grant and attended the Helen Storrow Seminar in 2018.

Most memorable moment

“Being told that my lobbying of the Irish government to include girls in the paragraph about sexual harassment had been successful. It was an incredible moment to realise that our voices as young women matter and our opinions were being reflected in international policy. Seeing the addition to a paragraph that I had suggested to the government printed in the final Agreed Conclusions of the conference was incredible’’

Aisling O’Boyle (Ireland)

Aisling O'Boyle

The impact

I gained a far greater and more nuanced understanding for how international policy making works. I learnt how to draft policy statements, analyse UN policy, lobby effectively, and how to have my voice heard

Henda Maarfi (Tunisian Scouts Organisation)

“My participation at the CSW62 made me learn that regardless our nationalities, religious beliefs, colour...women and girls all over the world are facing the same challenges and that sisterhood matters. I feel now that I am not alone and there are Women and Girls from all countries who are making a lot of effort to achieve equality.”

What would you say to a potential donor?

“Happiness can be felt only when shared”, by donating to ASF, you are contributing to develop girls skills and enhancing somebody’s competences to make a change happen around them. Small donations for big changes, nothing noble than that."

Through your generosity and outstanding support, you have given 25 Girls around the world life changing opportunities to impact their world. From all of us here at WAGGGS thank you!

We awarded over 40 grants from the following countries: Ireland, Malaysia, Madagascar, USA, Zimbabwe, England, Bolivia, Argentina, Tunisia, Australia, Scotland, Costa Rica, Ghana, Philippians, Canada, Japan, Perú and Taiwan.

The events attended include: Sangam - India, Helen Storrow Seminar Our Chalet, Juliette Low Facilitators Training in Uganda, JLS Facilitator Training – Kusafiri, Cabana Mexico Facilitators friendship programme, 62nd UN Commission on the Status of Women, Roverway, CSW62.

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