National Coordinators

National Coordinators are instrumental in supporting and developing the Olave Baden-Powell Society in their countries.

National Coordinators for OB-PS aim to develop the Society, increase activities for members and help reach out to new members in their country. This role will differ greatly from country to country however, as the population, geography, culture and history will also vary! In every case, the Society as a whole has gained considerably from the increased support of a coordinated effort to promote and sustain the Society in its work.

OB-PS now has 17 coordinators working in 16 countries. You will find below some of the details of their recent work, and information on how they may be contacted.


Jill Johnstone - 


Janet Allcock -
Enidd Isaac - 

The Canadian OB-PS coordinators work to keep communication lines open among the Canadian members and to encourage prospective members. They send out newsletters, pass on information sent to us from London, organize a country meeting at the annual OB-PS event, and organize Canadian members meetings.


Inger Christensen -

The Olave Baden-Powell Society in Denmark benefits greatly from having our Patron "on hand". HRH Princess Benedikte is very helpful in explaining why it is so important to become a member of OB-PS.


Leena Suviranta -

Hong Kong

Timmy Lee -


Doi Hiroko -


In Kyung Kim -


Sonja Lins -

New Zealand

Jane Kerr -

Jane Kerr has been the New Zealand Coordinator since 2013. She has been involved in Guiding all her life and is passionate about developing and empowering girls and women so they can live their lives to the full. Jane is plans events, writes newsletters, talks and networks and feels certain she can encourage others to share her passion for Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.


Ekua Abudu -


Eldrid Midttun -  


Nik Ariza Ariffin -


Ida Sjöholm - 


Caroline Neth

The Swiss OB-PS coordinator serves as a contact point for members within her country and accomplishes this in a way that is appropriate for the culture, while increasing awareness and support for WAGGGS.

United Kingdom

Ruth Sara -

Ruth talks to people about all aspects of OB-PS to engender their interest. She communicates with members in the UK with twice yearly newsletters and a spring meeting and autumn residential.

United States of America

Barbara Grant Schliebe -

OB-PS is thriving in the USA. Newsletters, Thinking Day Greetings, Power-Point presentations and recognitions continue, while the Ambassador Programme is creating a sense of ownership within the membership.

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