Our London Landmarks Half Marathon runners

Our ten runners took part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon on 25 March 2018 to raise valuable funds for WAGGGS

Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt

Sponsor Megan on JustGiving, find her profile at megan-hunt6   

Megan Hunt, 26, moved to London in October last year from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.The region's rolling sun burnt hills and ocean-side wineries were about as far from the United Kingdom as she was from a long-distance runner.

Previously a reporter for Fairfax Media, Megan took up the role of Media Communications Manager with WAGGGS in late November 2017.

That same week she talked herself into running the Half Marathon, thinking more colleagues would also sign on and running the distance would be easier than she expected. However no one else signed on and running the distance was exactly as hard as she dreaded.

What draw Megan to her position at WAGGGS was the same thing that pushed her through training and fundraising; to support the 10 million girls around the globe involved with Girl Guiding and Girl Scouts, and create more spaces for any and every girl wanting to join.

Miguel Ramos

Miguel Ramos

Sponsor Miguel on JustGiving, find his profile at miguel-ramos1

I enjoyed over ten years at my local Boy Scouts chapter in a small city in northern Spain (incredible friendships, camaraderie and challenges!). Now, after over 20 years in London, I am the dad of three amazing girls who are getting to be old enough to start their own adventure as potential Rainbows soon!

Valentina  Georgieva

Valentina Georgieva

Sponsor Valentina at Virgin Money, find her profile at ValentinaGeorgieva

My name is Valentina and I am 25, working in Legal Services. The London Landmarks Half Marathon will be my very first Half Marathon and I am sure it will be a massive challenge! I am especially motivated because my love of running will benefit a worthy cause. According to the United Nations, gender discrimination remains the most pervasive form of inequality throughout the world. Please join me in funding WAGGGS’ work so they can continue to empower young girls and develop their leadership skills.

Renee Kroner

Renee Kroner

Sponsor Renee on Virgin Money, find her profile at ReneeKroner

I'm 26, from the United States and am currently living in London as a postgraduate student working on my MBA! 

I'm so excited to be running the London Landmarks Half Marathon to help bring awareness and raise money for an organisation that does so much! WAGGGS has been a huge part of my life since I was 5 years old and I can honestly say that my life would be completely different without the amazing opportunities it has provided. From my Gold Award Project, a workshop for girls aged 11-14 on self-esteem, to volunteering at Our Chalet (my first time abroad!), the people I have met and the experiences I have had have taught me more about myself and the world than I ever could have imagined. 

Anthony Rubinstein

Anthony Rubinstein

Sponsor Anthony at Virgin Money, find his profile at AnthonyRubinstein  

Anthony is a keen athlete and adventurer and has been part of the scouting movement since the age of eight. Undoubtedly it instilled a love of the outdoors and exploration in him which he now gets to make full use of in his career as a freelance filmmaker and photographer whilst exploring the world. 

Andreea Losub

Andreea Iosub

Sponsor Andreea on Just Giving, find her profile at andreearuns13miles 

I am Andreea and I am a Project Management Consultant based in London.

I have always been a strong believer in the power of non-formal education and in the last several months I got to know the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts better and the wonderful projects they do all over the world.

I want to support girls' access to quality non-formal education programmes.  Hence, the idea of running 13 miles. However, I have never run more than 20-30 minutes in my life, so this should be fun...and very painful.

Please donate to support my run for WAGGGS and together we can reach the £500 fundraising goal in no time!

Heather Ponting-Bather

Heather Ponting-Bather

Sponsor Heather on Virgin Money, you can find her profile HeatherPontingBather

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon in 2018 as this year I will be celebrating two other landmarks – my 40th birthday and ten years service as a leader with Girlguiding UK. 2018 is also an important year in history as it’s the Centenary of some women gaining the vote for the first time in the UK, a subject we’ve been celebrating with the young people in my Guide unit.

I live with my husband and two daughters in a village in North Wiltshire and run a small graphic design and print business. I’m a Guide leader, assistant Rainbow leader, assistant District Commissioner and a member of the Great Western (Swindon) Trefoil Guild.

In 2017 I went on my first international Guiding trip to Switzerland and Our Chalet. I had a fabulous time and I’m so grateful for the opportunities Guiding has given me.

I started running aged 35 and I’ve been a member of my local running club, the Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds, for three years.

Last year I completed my first triathlon and my first marathon and I’m looking forward to three half marathons and lots of other races in 2018!

Antonia Yu-ting Yip

Antonia Yu-ting Yip

Sponsor Antonia on Just Giving, find her profile at antoniayip

I still vividly remember the moment when I crossed the finishing line with Cissy and Ruby in the 10KM Challenge Cup held by the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association two years ago. We didn’t win any prizes, but it’s a memorable milestone in our Guiding life.

Our friendship began in 2007. Although we come from diverse background and enter different professions, our values and visions have so much in common because of Guiding, and we very much treasure what Guiding has brought us – being empowered and the competence in empowering our girls.

This year, I’m away from home to study at the University of Warwick for my postgraduate studies. Even so, my Guiding journey doesn’t come to a halt. So I leapt at the challenge of joining the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2018 and fundraising for WAGGGS!

LLHM 2018 is my first half marathon,  I believe that I’ll be prepared to leave my footprints along the landmarks in London, and make it another landmark in my Guiding life!

Catherine Willoughby

Catherine Willoughby

Sponsor Catherine on Just Giving at c-willoughby

My name’s Catherine, I’m 22, I love glitter, language, and chocolate. I finished university last summer and now work in a marketing agency in London.

I was a Rainbow, a Brownie, a Guide, a Ranger and a Young Leader, all in my home town of Beverley, East Yorkshire.

The London Landmarks Half Marathon will be my first half marathon - I enjoy running, but I’m excited to have a proper goal to work towards. And it looks like a fun route!



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