WLDP - 8. Setting Direction

WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme modules

The WLDP Leadership Resources are modules available to trainers, which will support Member Organizations in developing leadership development activities, events and workshops for new, existing and potential leaders. These modules include theory, individual and group exercises and guided reflection on the topics. 

Please note: The materials are offered as support materials and not as an alternative to a full WLDP event.

8. Setting Direction

Living in a world of dreams facing realities, we should therefore be realistic and still describe and share our dreams with each other in order to make plans for the future that we believe in . We must keep asking each other: Where do we go? 

To be able to set a direction for our Movement towards the future, an effective leader:

  • Understands, believes in and commits to the vision, mission and values of the organization
  • Communicates the vision of the organization to engage, recruit, retain and influence others
  • Plans for the organization at a strategic level
  • Works to develop effective partnerships with others
  • Understands and implements the principles of good Governance
  • Uses ‘systemic’ strategic thinking and global creativity thinking

This module is constructed in the way we set directions and reach goals on a hike:

  1. Decide where you are going, and why
  2. State where you are right now
  3. Choose your path towards the goal
  4. Walk the walk
  5. Monitor and adjust, if necessary

Topics in this series:

  1. Understanding Leadership
  2. Personal Development
  3. Advocacy
  4. Diversity
  5. Leading Teams
  6. Communication
  7. Management Skills
  8. Setting Direction

  • Publication date: 1st January 2009
  • Author(s): WAGGGS
  • Length: 83 pages
  • Resource type: Activity packs
  • Resource topic: Leadership development
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