WLDP - 2. Personal Development

WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme modules

The WLDP Leadership Resources are modules available to trainers, which will support Member Organizations in developing leadership development activities, events and workshops for new, existing and potential leaders. These modules include theory, individual and group exercises and guided reflection on the topics. 

Please note: The materials are offered as support materials and not as an alternative to a full WLDP event.

2. Personal Development

Recently, Time magazine published an article on “What’s wrong with the world today?” and the shortest answer to that in the Letters to the Editor was “I am”! This triggers a little story, which conveys the same message in a very different setting.

It was the father’s turn to look after his little daughter, while his wife was at work. He was not looking forward to the day, as he had a bit of office work to complete. He was trying to come up with an activity that would keep his daughter busy for the longest possible time.

He went through an old book he had and stumbled upon a world map. Eureka! He thought he had found the right exercise. He tore the page out of the book, tore it into small pieces of paper and gave it to his daughter to use as a jig saw puzzle. He expected peace for the next two hours.

To his utter amazement, she was back in 30 minutes… with the completed map. He asked her how she had done it so fast… and she said “Oh papa, there was a picture of a man at the back of it, I fixed the man and the world fixed itself”

This is the simple philosophy that the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts believes in. We believe that by enabling every one of our 10 million members to discover their potential and be responsible citizens of the world, we can reach out to the world and fix it!

Topics in this series:

  1. Understanding Leadership
  2. Personal Development
  3. Advocacy
  4. Diversity
  5. Leading Teams
  6. Communication
  7. Management Skills
  8. Setting Direction  

  • Publication date: 1st January 2009
  • Author(s): WAGGGS
  • Length: 99 pages
  • Resource type: Activity packs
  • Resource topic: Leadership development
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