Girl Powered Nutrition Challenge 2

It's time for our second #GirlPoweredNutrition challenge!


We always need a rainbow plate but did you know that our nutritional needs change at different stages of our life?

What you eat now is important for your health today and also your future.

Challenge 2 EN 2.png

This week, Finoana and Mira from Madagascar challenge you to create your own lifecycle to show what girls need at different ages.

You can make a paper-doll chain, decorate and label it, or create a different way to show the information.

Be sure to include the specific nutrient needs at each life stage.

Challenge 2 - Changing Needs.PNG

Share it with your family or with your friends via social media! Don’t forget to tag @WagggsWorld and #GirlPoweredNutrition!

Extra Plate

Think of any hurdles that may stop you from getting the nutrition you need. Find a solution to these hurdles by talking to your family or friends.

Make a pledge: 'In order to have good nutrition, I need to ________________________________________________ .

Share your pledge with us!

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badge tracker with the yellow section!

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