Leadership Development Programme modules

The WLDP Leadership Resources are modules available to trainers, which will support Member Organisations in developing leadership development activities, events and workshops for new, existing and potential leaders. These modules include theory, individual and group exercises and guided reflection on the topics.

Please note: The materials are offered as support materials and not as an alternative to a full WLDP event.

Understanding Leadership

Leadership is a journey – a lifelong learning journey. On it you should discover who you are, the world around you and the people you encounter. Another part of this journey is to establish a purpose for your life and leadership. To discover this you have to be open to every opportunity to learn; treat challenges as an opening for learning; and see life as giving you the opportunity to experience, reflect, learn and act.

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Personal Development

This is the simple philosophy that we believe in. We believe that by enabling every one of our 10 million members to discover their potential and be responsible citizens of the world, we can reach out to the world and fix it!

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With the release of the WAGGGS Advocacy Tool Kit, the organisation and its Member Organisations have the basic foundation for advocating throughout the world.

This module is therefore to be regarded as a supplement to the toolkit, consisting of theoretical chapters, individual and group exercises to support the personal development of the advocating WAGGGS leader. The exercises can be used as supporting activities to the toolkit.

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International events such as Juliette Low Seminars and regional gatherings are excellent examples of giving our members the opportunity to share national customs, values and traditions. By doing that they get to know the customs and values of other nations and cultures. This could result in better understanding of one’s own origin and more tolerance for others and different life situations.

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Leading Teams

Engaging and empowering girls and young women with the right skills, attitude and outlook, to take initiative for positive social change.

While we celebrate individual achievement, our key strengths lie in our numbers, our presence across the globe, and the togetherness and synergy we achieve as a large global organisation.

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There are many theories, models, articles and books of on communication amongst people, so this module concentrates on how you, as a leader within a volunteer female organisation, can be aware of and use communication effectively. This includes how you can develop your own communication skills.

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Management Skills

Management skills are tools you use for your leadership. Even so, you as the leader have to choose the relevant tool and to use it according to its purpose and your judgement of the need. Also, your way of using the tool impacts the result.

This module should provide most WAGGGS leaders with different tools to carry out the administrative and daily tasks of their leadership. It is delivered in a context where discussion and practising is made possible, in the aim of making the learner conscious about her choices of tools to use.

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Setting Direction

This module is constructed in the way we set directions and reach goals on a hike:

  1. Decide where you are going, and why
  2. State where you are right now
  3. Choose your path towards the goal
  4. Walk the walk
  5. Monitor and adjust, if necessary

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  • Publication date: 24th May 2019
  • Author(s): WAGGGS
  • Length: 166 pages
  • Resource type: Activity packs
  • Resource topic: Leadership development
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