Girl Powered Nutrition Challenge 6

It’s now time to take action and speak out! 📣

Advocacy is an important part of Girl Powered Nutrition.

It’s now time for you to speak out to influence decision-makers, so that girls’ nutrition is prioritised at a national and global level.

For this challenge, we want to know what challenges you are facing to stay healthy during this time, and what decision-makers should do to help.

Participate in our our U-Report poll!

Have your say between July 9th - July 16th by following the steps on the images below 👇

Challenge 6 Example EN

Challenge 6 EN example 2


What do you think global and national leaders should do to ensure good nutrition to all young people during and after COVID-19?

Why not share your thoughts to your Food and Agriculture Ministry by sending a letter asking them to prioritise adolescent nutrition during and after Coronavirus?

Check out aletter template and how to send it below 👇

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. SEARCH the name or website link of your country equivalent to the Food and Agriculture Ministry.
    💡 You can look for more than one in case your country has multiple Minister or Ministries responsible for food security. If appropriate, you might also include the Health Ministry.
  2. FIND the name of the Minister in charge, as well as the official address or email address of the Ministry. If the link above doesn't have all that information, try to Google it.
    🔎 Search for the official name in your country's language in case it is not English. It might help!
    🤔 Why these Ministers? Because they are our decision-maker when it comes to ensuring good nutrition for all young people.
  3. SEND them a letter. Here is a template that can help you.
    You can either send it by email or post in the mail.
    💬 You can also consider translating it if your national language is not English, this will have more impact.


  • Ask support of a trusted adult in case you need help, or if you don’t have easy access to post services or an email address.
  • Be aware of any COVID19 measures in your country and make sure you are always safe if you choose to post your letter. Your safety is always the number one priority.
  • In most countries, posting a letter has costs. Inform how much would be for posting this specific letter before doing it.
  • If you don’t have to put your address if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.


Why not share a picture of you writing or sending the letter. Tag @ureportglobal, @wagggsworld or #GirlPoweredNutrition so we can share and motivate with other young people to do the same!

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Extra Plate

💬 Do you have any questions about nutrition and staying healthy during COVID-19?

On 10th July we will host a live chatbox to talk about nutrition and answer your questions – anonymously and open to anyone.

Send us all your questions between 10 am - 5 pm [UK time] to the same chat where you answered the U-Report poll!

We will be on the other side, alongside our young Nutrition Advocacy Champions, to answer your questions!

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