Girl Powered Nutrition Challenge 5

This week, its time to set a goal for action!

A key part of Girl Powered Nutrition is taking action to improve other people's nutrition - whether that’s your friend, family or others in your community.

For this challenge learn about the main nutrition issues affecting your family and community. What would you like to change? What is your nutrition goal?

For Zulfa in Tanzania it was: ‘I want to influence the school administration to make school meals more nutritious by adding more vegetables’

Draw or write your goal on a piece of fruit and share with us @WagggsWorld and #GirlPoweredNutrition!!

Challenge 5 Example EN

Extra Plate

Remember, you have the power to improve people's nutrition and change their lives. Take a photo of yourself in your 'Power Pose' ready to take action!

Don’t forget to fill in your badge tracker with the dark blue section!

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