Join us for an international event at Sangam!

Sangam offers five kinds of international events: Leadership, Cultural, Celebratory, Wellness and World Bureau Led Events. Each event is different, all run between a week and 12 days, and provide the opportunity to explore India’s exciting culture and traditions and interact with Sangam’s Community Partner organizations. 

You can filter our events by searching by year or by type. You can also download our event list. Find your event and then book your place!

Can’t find anything that works with your schedule? How about a special event just for you and your group?


Leadership Events

Leadership events emphasize intercultural learning and personal growth through interaction with Sangam’s Community Partner organizations and exposure to the means and methods of creating change. 


Cultural Events

Cultural events introduce you to India, a country of ancient customs brimming with modern  innovations. Try your hand at rangoli or mehendi, and enjoy Indian dance. Take in the sights, the sounds, the smells and the spicy sensations, and enjoy a cross-cultural adventure you will never forget!


Celebratory Events

Celebratory events honor international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. You will explore the history and traditions of WAGGGS and its Member Organizations, and learn about the latest projects and plans for the future - all in the company of Guides and Scouts from around the world. 


Wellness Events

Wellness events honour the goddess/god within you! They are designed specifically with your health and well being in mind. Spend time at the birthplace of yoga exploring your physical, mental and emotional self and discover a new point of balance during sessions designed to expand and enrich your life. 


World Bureau Led Events

World Bureau Led events give you the opportunity to delve into an international issue that you are passionate about. These intense but enriching events focus on key global topics and provide training and self-development using the non-formal educational methods of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

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