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Almost everything you might want to know about coming for an event at Sangam. If you can't find your question, get in touch!

After reading these FAQs, email to ask about availability. Our Guest Services Team can answer any other questions you might have!

Who can come to an event?

Sangam hosts a variety of events throughout the year. These are open to all members of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, women and men, their families and friends. Participants of all ages are welcome!

What language will the event be in?

The main language spoken at Sangam is English. Basic English speaking ability is necessary for event participation.

When does the event begin and end?

Events begin at 12:00pm on the advertised first day and finish at 1:00pm on the advertised last day.

You may depart any time after 1pm on the final day of the event. If space is available, you are welcome to stay longer; independent guest rates will apply.

When should I arrive for my event?

We recommend you arrive at Sangam the day prior to the advertised first day. It is important to have this time to rest after a long trip.

Although there are many fascinating places to visit in India, Sangam recommends that you plan to come directly to us first. This allows people to arrive and catch up on sleep before the event begins and provides first-time visitors the chance to adjust to India and cultural differences in the comfort of Sangam.

What does an event cost?

The costs for events at Sangam are based on the length of the event.

All fees are quoted in Great British Pounds. While event fees can be paid in other currencies, they will be converted to Great British Pounds on the day the payment was received and you will be advised of the balance of your fees. Any additional accommodation or meals are charged at Independent Guest rates and are subject to availability.

You can find the price of each event on the event page and our event list.

What does the event fee cover?

Your event fee includes all programming, dormitory accommodation, meals and transport between 12pm on the advertised first day and 1pm on the advertised last day for activities that are part of the scheduled programme.

You will be responsible for any personal shopping and any extra activities you would like to do during your free time.

Do I get any bonus items for my event fee?

Because of the very long travel time between your house and Sangam's front door, we offer a few things free of charge for event guests.

We will provide you with:

  • Free accommodation for the night before the advertised first day of the event
  • Free dinner on the night before the advertised first day of the event
  • Free breakfast on the advertised first day of the event
  • Free lunch on the advertised last day of the event

This is a total of 3 meals and 1 night of accommodation free of charge. Free offerings are not transferable to other meals or nights of accommodation.

Can I see what would happen during an event?

Yes, you can! We have many videos made from our events on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to browse around and watch what you can be a part of!

I don't see an event that will work with my schedule. Can I still come?

Yes, of course! You can come as an independent guest or if you have a group and would like your own special event, email and ask about availability!

Where should I travel after the event?

We recommend Perfect Travels, they can organise any and all tour types! Read more here.

What else should I read to get ready to visit Sangam?

Download and read our booklet called 'Coming to Sangam.' It is filled with many resources from how to apply for a visa to what you should bring to who lives at Sangam!

What sort of accommodation does Sangam have?

Sangam has four dormitories that can accommodate up to nine people and one dormitory that can accommodate up to twelve people. We also have rooms available, depending on the time of year. All bed linen, blankets and towels are provided by Sangam. You may want to carry an extra towel if you are travelling further, or if you are a keen swimmer.

Where will I stay during my event?

Participants attending an event stay in Sangam's dormitories, sharing with people from other groups and countries. The event fee includes all room and board charges for your dormitory accommodation. Twin or triple rooms may be available during your event. If you would like to upgrade your accommodation for an additional charge, email to enquire about availability.

What food does Sangam have?

Sangam offers three meals a day: a continental breakfast, Indian lunch, and international dinner. All of Sangam’s water is filtered, and filtered water is used to wash all fruits and vegetables. Bottled water is available to buy throughout India, and you can fill your water bottle from a water cooler at Sangam. There are snacks and other treats widely available at convenience stores and grocery stores near Sangam, so there is no need for you to bring food from home. There is also a refrigerator available at the Centre for guests to store drinks and food. If you have any special food requirements, please ensure that they are listed on your enrolment and health forms. Sangam will cater to your needs wherever possible.

Can I wash my clothes at Sangam?

Sangam has basic hand washing facilities, so you do not need to bring a clean change of clothes for every day. Washing powder is sold in the shops across from Sangam. There is also a dhobi (laundry) service available. The dhobi will come and collect your clothes, wash and iron them and deliver them back the next morning, all for a small fee.

Do I need to bring my own toilet paper? What about toilets?

Sangam has both Western and Asian flush toilets and toilet paper is provided.

Still have some questions? Have a look at our Coming to Sangam Information Pack and if you still have any questions please email

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