Sangam 50th Birthday

Sangam is celebrating 50 years of being your World Centre in India during the 2016-17 Event Season!



We are in the midst of the 50th birthday season and celebrated our big birthday on the 16th of October.

50 Sangelee

To celebrate our 50th birthday you you can enjoy and learn the 50th birthday song 'Sangam We Belong'!

Sangam We Belong - MP3 

Sangam We Belong - Words

Meet Sangam's 50th Birthday Planning Team!

Trish Halmshaw, England, Programme LeadTrish Halmshaw

I first visited Sangam in the 1980s and I was appointed to the Sangam staff as Deputy Guider in Charge, then Programme Manager, in July 1996, just before Sangam’s 30th Birthday - a memorable way to start my new job! I was affected by the ‘Spirit of Sangam’ from the moment I arrived and I am delighted to be part of the team charged with celebrating the Sangam spirit, history and family with all those who visit Sangam, especially during the Golden Birthday year!


Jocelyn Delgado

Jocelyne Delgado, Senegal, Programme Support

I have the honor to be part of the planning team of the 50 birthday of Sangam. I will be with Trish who is in charge of the programme for the event.  

Lynda Spittle, New Zealand, Programme Support
Lynda Spittle

It was a surprise and honour to be asked to assist Trish and Jocelyne on the Programme Team for the 50th Birthday event. I first experienced the Sangam Spirit in 1996 and have returned 10 times. In 1998 I was lucky to be called in as a reserve Volunteer Programme Aide for the three month season. I have a passion for all that Sangam has, does and will continue to do, for the community of Pune and WAGGGS members whether directly or indirectly.

I look forward to sharing the Sangam Spirit and assisting everyone who attends the Birthday Event to have a memorable, exciting and fulfilling experience.  

Marnye HallMarnye Hall, USA, Marketing and Communications

I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of the USA. I fell in love with Sangam as a Community Programme participant in 2013. I am excited to be leading the marketing and communications strategy for the Sangam 50th birthday celebration. 


Jane SmartJane Smart, Wales, History

My first visit to Sangam was in 1986 as a participant, since then I have held a number of Sangam roles. I am now very thrilled to be on the 50th Birthday planning team and be able to celebrate Sangam’s Golden Birthday events with you all in 2016/17.

Kamini Jhaveri, India, Local Knowledge and BS&G

I can’t wait to have new and old friends in Pune with us to celebrate this milestone!  

Jen Barron, Australia, Operations and current World Centre Manager

The team at Sangam are so excited for the coming of 50th Birthday season and can’t wait to book you all in for the celebrations!

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