Sangam’s Volunteers-in-Training

Sangam’s Volunteers-in-Training

Meet our Volunteers-in-Training

Volunteers in Training are development positions open to the Nivedita Guide Troop, Sangam’s local Guides, because of a generous donation by Armaity Dastur, a former Sangam Committee member who passed away. Volunteers-in-Training help the Sangam Volunteers in running events, share Indian culture and assist in daily tasks.

Farhad -India


I am Farhad from Pune, am 18 years old. I will soon start studying Petrochemical engineering. I am a volunteer in training in Sangam. I really want to be part of Sangam. I would love to work with different people from different countries. I am sure it will be a great  experience to volunteer in this new season #WhenWeShine.

My hobbies are travelling, reading, cycling,painting and singing. I am keen to learn new things while I am here at Sangam, most I want to learn how to swim in the in the wonderful pool of Sangam.

062013_Sangam_Volunteers in training Volunteers in training
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