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Meet our current Volunteers and Interns

 #WhenWeShine 2017

Blessmore - Zimbabwe

Hello Everyone!

My name is Blessmore Chikwakwa, I am from Zimbabwe. It is my first time in India and I will be a volunteer at Sangam till October 2017.I am enjoying my stay in India and So far I have had such an amazing time. I have been able to explore a bit of the Indian culture and communities. I have visited and met several Indian families, learned Indian dancing and put on a sari among other things and the food is just awesome.

Boldness - Zimbabwe

Namaste my friends

My name is Boldness; I come from Zimbabwe South of Africa. I love travelling and meeting new people. I have always wanted to visit India and Sangam has made my dream a reality.Boldness Sangam vOL

I have enjoyed every moment as a Sangam volunteer, learning new culture, eating new food and visiting several Indian communities.

I look forward to having an amazing world Centre experience during my 4 months stay as a volunteer. I expect that at the end of my experience I will have made new friends, learnt to cook several Indian dishes and learned more about girl guiding and girl scouting around the world.

Liliana - Colombia

Hi everyone,

I’m Liliana, from Colombia and I am very happy to be part of Sangam volunteer team. 

Liliana cOLUMBIA Sangam VOLI love travelling and meeting new people. I am a photographer, I love taking pictures of different people and places. I believe that art is the best language to communicate and can capture the soul of people. 

Sangam is a little paradise in the city of Pune,   where you can find magic people and feel a positive energy around you.

I am very excited to be part of this amazing space and I am looking forward to have a great experience which I will share with my community and family in Sangam.

I decided to take this challenge and I am sure if you come you can enjoy the experience.

Anastasiya - Ukraine

Hello everyone!

My name is Anastasiya. I am from Ukraine. It is my second time in I Sangam. I will be a volunteer till the end of October.Anastasiya SV

I joined girlguiding movement at the age of 11 years old. Now I am 27 and I am with my Team are managing of Association of Ukrainian Guides. 

I am so Happy to became a part of huge Sangam family. Lets start create, celebrate and change the world together! 

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