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Sangam runs a Community Programme offering Programme sessions of varying length from three to twelve weeks. 

We call participants in the Community Programme ‘Tare,’ which means ‘star’ in Hindi. 

Meet the stars of the Sangam family


Tare 2018 June

We're so happy to introduce ourselves. We are Elizabeth and Julia from USA; Synth-Di from Singapore, Gabriela from Mexico and Shelby from Canada.

We are all looking forward to this experience!

My experience...

Emily Graham, a recent Tare from the UK shares her story:

"When first coming to Sangam I didn't really know what to expect, but as soon as I arrived everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The first couple of days were hard being away from home and in a new environment but I soon got used to it with the help of my Sangam family. 

"The site I worked at was Tara Mobile Crèche and it was such good fun getting to know the children whilst doing crafts and activities with them. It was hard to start with getting used to the language barrier and the behaviour of the children but I soon learned how to manage them and what worked well. I definitely feel that my leadership skills have developed whilst I've been here - not just on site, but also when exploring different parts of India with the other Tares. I also think that my teamwork skills have improved during my stay. I worked with another Tare on site and we had to communicate and work together to plan our activities with the children for the week.

"Overall I've had such an amazing experience being a four-week Tare. I've met new people and learned about Indian culture, so I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you for making my adventure here truly amazing!"

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