Meet our Tare

Sangam runs the Community Programme offering Programme sessions of varying length from 3 to 12 weeks. We call participants in the Community Programme ‘Tare,’ which means ‘star’ in Hindi.


Meet Stars of Sangam Family!

Meet first Stars of Sangam family for #WhenWeShine season, 14 of them to be exact!

Regan Coyne from Canada; Holly Hunter from Canada ; Mariana Acosta de la Mora from Mexico; Rama P. Rohapatra from India; Deepa Oommen from India; Kaltum M. Mohamed from USA; Coleman D. Mamer from USA; Jennifer J. Perez from USA; Alexis L. Schneider- Brock from USA; Sebastian R. Dingle from USA; Fatima A. Musse from USA; Dustin W. Pumarlo USA; Sebastian Rivera Calvo from Costa Rica; Olga Rivero Calva from Costa Rica.

We are all looking forward for this experience!

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