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Minakshi Jadhav(India) - Deputy World Centre Manager :Community Rela082015_India_SangamStaffMinakshiJadhavtions

Hello My name is Mina, I am the Deputy World Centre Manager : Community Relations for Sangam. I live in Pune with my family. I am in charge of the Community Programme. If you want to know more about the Community Programme or how to be a Tare, you can read more here.

Deepak Jadhav (India) - Office Assistant082015_India_SangamStaffDeepakJadhav

I first came to Sangam in September 1995 when I worked in maintenance. From there I moved to the kitchen and market shopping. Now I am Sangam's Office Assistant. My job involves working with the accountant, Deputy World Centre Manager : Operations on banking, and helping with kitchen and other shopping to keep Sangam supplied with the food and other goods. I enjoy my work at Sangam because I like to see things well run and well organized, and I take pride in doing a thorough, properly done job. I live nearby with my wife and son, and can walk to work in a few minutes. My Sangam family is very important to me. It is a good place with good people, and there is always lots to learn. Namaste!

Uzma Khan (India) - Guest Services Coordinator


Hi I am Uzma I stay in Pune I live in the neighborhood close to Sangam. I started at Sangam as a Guide in Nivedita group at the age of 11 years. I was a Volunteer in Training in 2011, then Receptionist at Sangam and now the Guest Services Coordinator. I like to meet different people all over the world. I really enjoy my work.

Afreen Mullaji (India) - Programme Assistant

Afreen MullagiNamaste,

I am Afreen from Pune, India. I am a guide with Nivedita group since 12 years ago.
I started as Programme Assistant 2 months back and I am enjoying my work at Sangam.

Priya Bhole (India) - Receptionist 

Namaste,Priya Bhole

I am Priya from Pune. I have been connected to Sangam since I was 16 years old; I started as Nevidita Guide which gave me an opportunity to work here as Volunteer in Training for the Programme team. 

After a few years of growing and learning today  I am  a receptionist at Sangam.

I love Girl Guiding and making new friends, looking forward to meeting you soon!

Shubha Mahamanker (India) - House and Kitchen Assistant082015_India_SangamStaffShubaMahamanker

Namaste! My name is Shuba. I live with my family in Pune and have worked at Sangam since 2008. I am very happy here, and especially enjoy my new position as House and Kitchen Assistant. My Sangam family is very important to me and I enjoy planning and preparing good meals for the Sangam staff and guests. Enjoy your stay!

Sharad Gaikwad (India) – Maintenance Assistant


Namaste! My name is Sharad.

I started working for Sangam on 7th December 1990 as a member of the maintenance staff. In February 2015 I was promoted to the Maintenance Assistant role.

I live across the street in Phulenagar, opposite to Sangam.

I love singing and I really enjoy working here at Sangam.

Domestic Team

Left to Right

  • Padma Gaikwad
  • Sangeeta Halunde
  • Mathura Adhav
  • Asha Gaikwad
  • Sunita Bhole
  • Ujwala Helchetty


Maintenance Team

Left to Right

  • Sandeep Ghorpade
  • Atul Pardeshi
  • Mukund Tajane
  • Manik Adhav
  • Sachin Kharat
  • Rahul Adhav



Hey, I'm Sonu the Cat, I've been at Sangam since I was born in June 2011. You'll be able to recog082015_India_SangamStafSonuBarronnise me because of my bushy tail from where my mum (Trevor) mated with a squirrel.
I live in the Guide House with the WCM, but I pretty much own the place, and I'm very comfortable breaking into dorms through the velcro mosquito netting. I get locked away when people come who have allergies, because apparently they don't like sharing my fur. I also have to wear this silly bell because I like to eat geckos too much and once I ate too many and had to go to the vet and I don't like the vet at all.  I'm looking forward to curling up next to you when you come to Sangam so please come soon!!!

P.S. I'm also on Facebook if you'd like to be my friend I would love that! Meow!

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