The walls of the London Room display the history of London and Pax Lodge. Take a look!

London Mural

Our mural featuring the major London landmarks was painted in 2009 by Ben Nathan, a London based artist. 

012016_Pax Lodge_London mural

Pax Family Tree

032006_Pax Lodge_family tree 15th anniversary Our first Family Tree was made for the 15th anniversary in 2006. Since then, our tree has grown a lot and become a little more permanent.

012016_Pax Lodge_Pax family tree

When volunteers and staff members have completed their time at Pax Lodge, their photo is added to our Family Tree. Information on the staff and volunteers is kept in a book at the base of the tree. There are currently 610 faces dating from 1990 to 2015. 

Pax Lodge is a special home to many people. Some volunteers will come back to Pax to volunteer multiple times, or even come back as staff members. 

Did you know? Pax Lodge has had 8 volunteers named Sarah and 3 named Sara.

Did you know? Pax Lodge has had 12 volunteers from Brazil. Pax Lodge has also had more volunteers from the USA than from the UK.  

London Timeline 

012016_Pax Lodge_London Timeline

Our London timeline was painted by a volunteer in 2000 and then added to in 2012. 

012016 Pax Lodge stained glass

Stained Glass in the London Room

This stained glass piece was painted by a volunteer in 2009 for the Centenary.  

032016 Pax Lodge stained glass window

Stained Glass in the Conference Room

This piece, also by a volunteer represents the WAGGGS theme of World Understanding. 

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