Short Term Volunteers give additional support to the team during peak seasons or for specific projects

Short Term Volunteer

Our Chalet has a volunteer programme for people who are willing to work hard and enjoy meeting people from many different cultures. Volunteers can explore Switzerland, and share their skills to the benefit of the Centre thereby giving back to Guiding/Scouting. Short Term volunteering is a way of getting to know Our Chalet and Switzerland for people who are not able to commit to volunteering for a full season.

Please note : If you are outside of the EU, Swiss visa rules mean you must be aged under 35 at the time of volunteering and have not previously had a volunteer visa for Switzerland.

We welcome applications from anyone who:

  • Is aged 18 and over
  • Can volunteer between one week and two months
  • Enjoys meeting and mixing with lots of new people
  • Is practical and not afraid of hard work
  • Can communicate in English

I'm living a wonderful experience! I'm finding out a lot of new things about Girl Guides that I didn't know and I'm also enjoying the Swiss Alps which are beautiful! People are so nice and it's cool to know new Guides from all over the world and sharing such an experience with them! I am very happy to be here :)

Benedetta Chiossi, Genova - Italy. Short term volunteer, Summer 2012

What does a 'Short Term Volunteer' do?

The majority of Short Term Volunteers come to Our Chalet to work as additional Guest Services support in busy periods. This means Short Term Volunteers usually work only in Guest Services helping with cleaning, laundry, and in the kitchen. Due to training requirements it is not usually possible for Short Term Volunteers to lead programme.

Occasionally we have opportunities for Short Term Volunteers to work on a specific project such as building work, maintenance, or implementing new programmes.

Short Term Volunteers will receive specific training for jobs they are expected to do as well as general training such as Health and Safety.

We welcome people for a minimum of two weeks and up to two months. During your stay you will receive full board and lodging. When applying please indicate the dates you are available and tell us about the skills that you would be able to bring to us.

Where do Short Term volunteers live?
Full board and accommodation is provided for all volunteers, including Short Term Volunteers. All volunteers usually live in the main staff house, Stockli, in shared rooms. Bedrooms are shared by two or three people. In the summer season some volunteers may also be housed in Baby Chalet. Very occasionally a volunteer may be housed in guest accommodation during very busy periods when staff accommodation is full or to meet access needs.

When are Short Term Volunteers needed?

It is not possible to give exact dates for when Short Term volunteers are needed as this varies throughout the year. In general Short Term volunteers are most likely to be needed during the summer season, school holidays events (Spring Break, Half Term Breaks), and for special events such as Helen Storrow Seminar.

When will I hear back about my application?

When you submit your application you will receive an automated e-mail confirming receipt of the application.

Our volunteer team aims to reply to all volunteer applications. However, due to the high volume of applications received we prioritise contacting applicants who have applied to volunteer over a time when we have a need for Short Term Volunteers. Often our Short Term Volunteer needs are not known until all full-season volunteer positions are filled for a season, therefore, applicants who apply for dates many months in advance may not hear back until closer to the dates they have applied for.

NOTE: We are currently able to accept Short Term Volunteer applications for Autumn 2020. Please do not send applications more than three months before the dates when you wish to volunteer as we need to confirm our full-season volunteers for each season before we can consider Short Term volunteer applicants.

Application forms are available here :

Short Term Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Short Term Volunteer Application Form (EDITABLE DOCUMENT)

Please know that all volunteer offers and placements are subject to the applicant obtaining the required visa to enter and work in Switzerland. Volunteers from countries of the European Union do not require a visa to work as a volunteer in Our Chalet.

For enquiries and applications please contact us at

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