Our Chalet Family Winter 2016 / 17

Meet our current staff team

Current Staff and Volunteers at Our Chalet! 

Tanya Tulloch (USA) : Our Chalet World Centre Manager

2016_Switzerland_Tanya Tulloch Our Chalet World Centre ManagerTanya comes to us from Beaverton, Oregon where she worked for Columbia River Girl Scout Council for 12 years as a Manager. As a Girl Scout growing up in Kentucky she liked to participate in adventure activities such as rapelling, hiking and camping. She has fallen in love with snow sports in her adult life inthe Cascade Mountains. 

The idea of reaching the mission of WAGGGS through the outdoor adventure and leadership experiences has drawn Tanya to work at Our Chalet. Her background with camp management, volunteer development and strategic planning will help her to add to the team as a World Centre Manager. She is looking forward to meeting Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and other guests from all over the world while she is here. 

Nikki Tucker (UK) : Deputy World Centre Manager, Operations

072015_Switzerland_Nikki Tucker Deputy World Centre Manager Operations.JPGNikki comes from Warwick in the UK and has been involved in Girlguiding for many years. She fell in love with Our Chalet on the first visit and has since visited many times before becoming a member of the Long Term Staff team. Nikki is a big fan of the outdoors and is relishing the mountain air and the fantastic hikes. In her spare time she is passionate about music and plays tenor horn. She and her husband play in the Adelboden Salvation Army Band and also the Brass Band of Frutigen. In any remaining spare time she loves to travel.

Jennamari Terävä (Finland) : Deputy World Centre Manager, Programme

2015_Switzerland_Jennamari Terävä Deputy World Centre Manager : ProgrammeJennamari is from Heinola, Finland and became a Girl Guide practically at birth. Jen’s Our Chalet story began as a volunteer in winter 2007, and even though she has been back to Finland to finish her studies, half of her heart has stayed at the Chalet since the beginning. She is very excited to be back and determined to channel all her energy into making the programme as fun, challenging and exciting as possible. Jen is a keen hiker and an avid skier, and she spends her remaining free time singing, running, climbing, sledding, sleeping in strange places, getting stuck in trees, learning languages (especially Swiss German) and admiring all the pretty flowers – Our Chalet is definitely the right place for her!

Malin Huusmann (Sweden) : Guest Services Co-Ordinator

111215_Switzerland_Malin Huusmann Our Chalet Guest Services Co-ordinator‘Hej!’ as we say in Sweden. My name is Malin and I am part of the operations team here at Our Chalet. I make bookings, issue bills, prepare check-in and make sure that our guests feel welcome. I was born and raised in Upplands Väsby, a suburb of Stockholm. I became a scout when I was eleven years old, and I continued on to be a scout leader and ‘paper scout’ for many years. Before coming to Switzerland I worked in travel, and I also have a photography business on the side. My camera and I have many Swiss adventures to look forward to! If I have any free time left over you will probably find me experimenting in a kitchen somewhere since I am a foodie who loves everything related to cooking or baking.   

Sarah Wach (USA) : Programme Co-Ordinator

2016_Switzerland Sarah Wach Programme Co-ordinatorHello! I am Sarah from sunny Miami, Florida in the USA. I have been a Scout for over 20 years, as a child, adult, and staff member in the US and as a volunteer and now staff at Our Chalet. While here as a volunteer I fell in love with the Chalet, Adelboden, and all of the wonderful people who live at and visit the Chalet, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to return! I love spending time outdoors, although that means two very different things in Miami and Adelboden.  I grew up near the ocean and spent a lot of time snorkeling, SCUBA diving and kayaking. Not a lot of time in the snow, but I’m excited to remedy that here in the Alps! 

Adrian Topic (Slovenia) : Grounds & Maintenance Assistant

2016_Switzerland_Adrian Topic Grounds & Maintenance AssistantMy name is Adrian, I am 29 years old and I come from Slovenia. For the last few years I have been working as a professional truck driver. I have loved nature and the outdoors ever since I was a child especially the forest. I have also been a volunteer fire fighter for the past 15 years. I am looking forward to working at Our Chalet and discovering more about life here in the Swiss Alps.

Anne Sauer (Germany) : Kitchen Manager

2016_Switzerland_Anne Sauer Our Chalet Assistant Autumn 2016Hello, my name is Anne and I am from Germany. As the kitchen manager I ensure that everybody gets good food and stays well fed at Our Chalet.
After getting my A-Levels in Germany I became an Autumn Volunteer here and decided to stay because this is such a beautiful place in the Swiss Alps with so many things to do and challenges to complete.
I became a Girl Scout, when I was ten years old, and am a Girl Scout leader for four years now. I am still actively participating in some local leader teams of my member organization via Skype.
As I love scouting, meeting new people and traveling I am looking forward to learn a lot about the different cultures at Our Chalet and in scouting worldwide and learning new life skills.

Nicole Grossen-Wilhelm (Switzerland) : Bookkeeper

2013_Switzerland_Nicole Grossen Wilhelm BookkeeperNicole is one of several Swiss members of our long term staff team. She studied accounting which eventually brought her to Our Chalet as a bookkeeper. Nicole s a true Swiss at heart is a life time devotee to white sports - perhaps being a Ski Instructor at Adelboden Ski & Snowboard school for several years has something to do with it. She has two young children and a very patient husband. Nicole works with us one day a week but we are of course always badgering her to come more often, even if only to give us beginner ski tips and have fun with us. She is also one of those efficient, hard working young women who simply knows how to just "fix things" when it comes to numbers, or taking calls in Schwytzerdütsch, an exotic language which none of us can really understand. She is fun too and joins us keenly in laughing at our office fun.

Skippy Storrow (Switzerland) : Mouse Catcher

2014_Switerland_SkippySkippy is from Adelboden in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. Her Scouting experience is vast as she has spent much of her time at Our Chalet and is currently our longest serving member of staff!

She loves to explore the grass, eat bugs and mice and protects the grounds and guests from any possible predators such as marmots and slugs. In her free time she likes to sleep in the sunshine or in a cardboard box on someone's desk. 


Megan Ziemer (USA) : Guest Services Intern

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Guest Services Intern Megan Ziemer Winter 2016 2017Hi all! I am Megan from Oregon, USA. I am 24 years old and have been exploring the great big world since graduating university in 2014.
I am the Winter Guest Services Intern here at Our Chalet and look forward to answering your questions about activities, Adelboden, and sharing scout experiences. I also manage the shop and make sure that there are plenty of items for you to take home to remember your visit by.
I have been involved in Girl Scouts in some form since I was 7 years old; Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Troop Assistant, Camp Counselor, Co-leader and Leader. It has been some of the most wonderful experiences! From campfires with songs and stories, to Girl Scout cookie booth sales (as a girl and leader), I have loved every minute.
When I have downtime you can find me in a window seat reading with tea, watching Whose Line Is It Anyway clips on YouTube or wandering around this amazing valley that I get to call home for the next four months. I am looking forward to exploring a bit more of Europe and making too many ridiculous snowmen!

I’ll be seeing you soon!

Jenna Mosher (Canada) : Programme Intern

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Programme Intern Jenna Mosher Winter 2016 2017Hello! I'm Jenna and I'm originally from Nanaimo, Canada. In my free time I love to travel, read, knit, spend time in the outdoors or with any animal I can make friends with.

I have been a Girl Guide for 19 years and it's literally taken me around the world! I spent time last year at Sangam in India as a volunteer, I've worked with a Junior Guides unit in Australia and am now super excited to be here in Switzerland.

As the Winter Programme Intern, I'm excited to learn some new outdoor skills, meet friends from around the globe and explore as much of Switzerland and it's culture as possible.

Lisa Pfeiffer (Austria) : Marketing & Communications Intern

2016_Switzerland_Lisa Pfeiffer Our Chalet Programme Intern Autumn 2016Servus!

My name is Lisa and I am the winter Marketing and Communications intern. I am 21 and from Austria. Since I was 16 I have now lived in 3 foreign countries and through it have discovered my passion for tourism and leisure. Therefore I decided to study this at University in Austria. My studies brought me to Our Chalet for my required internship abroad. I decided to take my love for scouting and turn it into work. I am a girl scout since 17 years and since 3 years I am an assistant with boys and girls 10-13.

Luli Cassanello (Argentina) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Luli Cassanello Winter 2016 2017My name is Luli, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am 28.
I am a Guide since I was 6 years old but my whole family is involved in Guiding and Scouting so it feels like I was born a Guide.I like skating and I play Roller Derby in a local team called Atomic Bombs. My derby name is Froot Oops because I am a bit clumsy. I also like crocheting and I am a BIG FAN of cats.
This is my first time at a World Centre. Our Chalet seems to be allocated in a magical place and I can't wait to go skiing and snowshoeing because there's no snow where I live.

Hollie Naylor (UK) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Hollie Naylor Winter 2016 2017Hello, my name is Hollie Naylor and I am a Winter 2016/17 Volunteer. I live in Derbyshire in the UK and have just finished school. Before coming to Our Chalet I was working in France so am excited for the new adventure! I started Guides when I was 10 and have been lucky enough to visit Sangam World Centre in India, ICANDO in London and now Our Chalet World Centre in Switzerland! I love guiding because it gives you the opportunity to make lots of new friends and visit amazing places!  

Poppy Mason-Smith (UK) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Poppy Mason-Smith Winter 2016 2017Hi, I’m Poppy and I’m from York in the UK! I’m 18 years old and currently on a gap year.

I’ve been a Girl Guide since I was 5. Back home I am currently completing my leadership qualification with the section for girls aged 5-7 called ‘Rainbows’. I am also a member of my local Ranger unit and I have recently started to complete my Queen’s Guide Award.

In my free time I love to bake, sew and travel. Whilst at Our Chalet, I am really excited to learn more about international guiding, make new friends and have the chance to explore Switzerland. I’m looking forward to taking on new challenges and I think it’s going to be a great winter season!  

Katherine Campbell (Canada) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Katherine Campbell Winter 2016 2017Hello! My name is Katt and I'm from Canada. I turned 30 on my first day at Our Chalet and it was an amazing birthday! In Canada I am a Pathfinder Guider, working with girls aged 12-14. I have been Girl Guiding since I was 10, and have dreamed of coming to Our Chalet for 20 years! When I'm not Guiding, I work as a Sign Language Interpreter and Theatre Administrator. My goal is to advocate for improved accessibility in the arts in Canada. I also love to run, bike, paddle, flip, and dance! At home I have a big fat cat named William of Orange, and she would love to come here and play with Skippy in the Alps!

Lucy Scandalo (Argentina) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Lucy Scandalo Winter 2016 2-17Hello everyone! I’m Lucy from Argentina (Rafaela). I’m 21 years old and I’m studying psychology. I joined Girl Guides when I was 6 years old in a community called San Antonia de Padua, now I’m a leader of a group called Sun Guides.
I applied to be a volunteer in the winter season at Our Chalet because I love outdoor activities and this is the perfect place for that. I also love to learn about new cultures and different ways of Girl Guiding. What I love about this World Centre is that it seems to be the perfect place to live magical moments and build new friendships.

Sofiia Matlavska (Ukraine) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Sofiia Matlavska Winter 2016 2017Hello!

I'm Sofiia from Ukraine!

I'm a member of an Association of Ukrainian Guides  from 2009.

I like painting, hiking, back packing and traveling. Having itchy feet I’ve already  visited 15 countries and I’m so grateful for that. I love my country but I cannot mention the positive influence on me from USA, Italy and India. 

And the greatest interest of mine will be life and exploring of it.

I look forward to learning new skills and cultures. I am loving it at Our Chalet as I enjoy meeting new people.

Hope, see you soon at Our Chalet!

Najwa Puteri Nur (Malaysia) : Our Chalet Assistant - Winter 2016/2017

2016_Switzerland_Our Chalet Assistant Najwa Nur Winter 2016 2017Hi! My name is Najwa and I'd like to think I'm a dreamer. Some say being a dreamer is not necessarily a good thing, but I like to see the best in everything. 

Having the opportunity to join Our Chalet family has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Currently, I'm an International Trade and Marketing student and a young leader for the Girl Guide Associations of WP Kuala Lumpur. Coming from Malaysia, that's famous of its variety of food I enjoy eating coconut rice. I am really looking forward to sharing my ideas and gaining as much experience as I can while I'm here.

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