Our Chalet Family Autumn 2015

Our Chalet Staff and Volunteer Team Autumn 2015

Tanya Tulloch (USA) : Our Chalet World Centre Manager

2013_Switzerland_Tanya Tulloch World Centre Manager.jpgTanya comes to us from Beaverton, Oregon where she worked for Columbia River Girl Scout Council for 12 years as a Manager. As a Girl Scout growing up in Kentucky she liked to participate in adventure activities such as rapelling, hiking and camping. She has fallen in love with snow sports in her adult life in the Cascade Mountains. 

The idea of reaching the mission of WAGGGS through the outdoor adventure and leadership experiences has drawn Tanya to work at Our Chalet. Her background with camp management, volunteer development and strategic planning will help her to add to the team as a World Centre Manager. She is looking forward to meeting Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and other guests from all over the world while she is here. 

Nikki Tucker (UK) : Deputy World Centre Manager, Operations

072015_Switzerland_Nikki Tucker Deputy World Centre Manager Operations.JPGNikki comes from Warwick in the UK and has been involved in Girlguiding for many years. She fell in love with Our Chalet on the first visit and has since visited many times before becoming a member of the Long Term Staff team. Nikki is a big fan of the outdoors and is relishing the mountain air and the fantastic hikes. In her spare time she is passionate about music and plays tenor horn. She and her husband play in the Adelboden Salvation Army Band and also the Brass Band of Frutigen. In any remaining spare time she loves to travel.

Jennamari Terävä (Finland) : Deputy World Centre Manager, Programme

2015_Switzerland_Jennamari Terävä Deputy World Centre Manager : ProgrammeJennamari is from Heinola, Finland and became a Girl Guide practically at birth. Jen’s Our Chalet story began as a volunteer in winter 2007, and even though she has been back to Finland to finish her studies, half of her heart has stayed at the Chalet since the beginning. She is very excited to be back and determined to channel all her energy into making the programme as fun, challenging and exciting as possible. Jen is a keen hiker and an avid skier, and she spends her remaining free time singing, running, climbing, sledding, sleeping in strange places, getting stuck in trees, learning languages (especially Swiss German) and admiring all the pretty flowers – Our Chalet is definitely the right place for her!

Marianna Terävä (Finland) : Guest Services Co-Ordinator

2014_Switzerland_Marianna Terava GSC.jpgMara is from Heinola, Finland and is a life-long Girl Guide. She has a degree in Hotel Management, and a background in the hotel business. Mara joined the Our Chalet staff team in November 2014, without ever having visited Adelboden or Our Chalet before. Mara loves the breathtaking views of Adelboden, and the international atmosphere at the Chalet. Her all-time favorite sport is soccer, but she is also enthusiastic about hiking, skiing, airboarding and other winter sports. She also enjoys baking, and likes to surprise the staff team with her creations.

Miguel Angel Castillo Garcia - Migue (Spain) : Grounds & Maintenance Assistant

2013_Switzerland_Miguel Garcia Grounds and Maintenance Assistant.jpgHola a todos! Which means, Hello everyone in Spanish. My name is Miguel Angel but here everyone knows me as Migue which is my nickname in Spanish. I’m from Granada, in the South of Spain, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, check Google Images : ) I am passionate about cars and everything related to them. Also I really love expeditions with my friends for about 6 days by ourselves without ex­ternal support; we carry food, gas stoves, tents...lost in the mountains! I am here at Our Chalet as Grounds and Maintenance Assistant and my main job now in winter time is snow clearing with Boris (our snow plough :) recycling, safety on site and some funny but cool stuff. The other part of my job is maintenance, which basically is being a handy man, hanging pictures on the walls, changing light bulbs or even putting up some tents.

Nicole Grossen-Wilhelm (Switzerland) : Bookkeeper

2013_Switzerland_Nicole Grossen Wilhelm BookkeeperNicole is one of our two Swiss members of long term staff. She studied accounting which eventually brought her to Our Chalet as a bookkeeper. Nicole as a true Swiss at heart is a life time devotee to white sports - perhaps being a Ski Instructor at Adelboden Ski & Snowboard school for several years has something to do with it. She has two young children and a very patient husband. Nicole works with us one day a week but we are of course always badgering her to come more often, even if only to give us beginner ski tips and have fun with us. She is also one of those efficient, hard working young women who simply knows how to just "fix things" when it comes to numbers, or taking calls in Schwytzerdütsch, an exotic language which none of us can really understand. She is fun too and joins us keenly in laughing at our office fun.

Skippy Storrow (Switzerland) : Mouse Catcher

2014_Switerland_SkippySkippy is from Adelboden in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. Her Scouting experience is vast as she ha spent much of her time at Our Chalet and is currently our longest serving member of staff!

She loves to explore the grass, eat bugs and mice and protects the grounds and guests from any possible predators such as marmots and slugs. In her free time she likes to sleep in the sunshine or in a cardboard box on someone's desk. 


Vicky Trout (UK) : Guest Services Intern

092015_Switzerland_Vicky Trout Autumn Volunteer.JPGI'm Vicky from Portsmouth, UK. I'm a primary school teacher and having finished my teaching contract at a British school in Germany, I've taken the opportunity to come to Our Chalet to be the Guest Services Intern. I went to my first guide camp as a baby thanks to both my parents being Guiding/Scouting leaders and have loved it ever since. I have been a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Young Leader and now I'm a Guide Leader. This summer I moved back from Germany where I was a leader with 1st Hohne Guides. We made the most of living abroad, took many of our guides camping for the first time, had many trips to Berlin, enjoyed the Christmas markets, made the most of the German culture - especially the ice-cream and even ventured to Our Chalet where I decided to apply to volunteer. I'm particularly looking forward to the adventure, challenge and new experiences that Our Chalet has to offer as well as making many new friends from around the world.

Megan Reardon (USA) : Programme Intern

082015_Switzerland_Megan Reardon Autumn Volunteer.JPGHello all ! My name is Megan and I am from Ohio, USA.

I started in Girl Scouts at age 9 attending summer camp, where I fell in love with the camp magic. I've worked and volunteered in different roles for about nine years at our camps in Girl Scouts of Western Ohio (shout out to Camp Whip-Poor-Will, Libbey and Stonybrook)! My favorite activities to lead are outdoor programs like hikes, kayaking and adventure challenges.

I am a big fan of scouting history and I know a lot of facts about my heroine Juliette Low. I also really love camp fire songs and would love it if you teach me a new one from your home when you come to visit.

In the USA I am an art teacher and have spent the last four years teaching junior high / high school art in Springfield, Ohio - go Northwestern Warriors. In my sprea time I enjoy art, reading, outdoor pursuits, cooking, spending time with family & friends and music especially folk and roots music like bluegrass.

I love travelling, learning about the world and meeting new people, so getting to experience and support international scouting here at Our Chalet is a dream come true.

Keva Doyle (Trinidad & Tobago) : Marketing & Communications Intern

072015_Switzerland_Keva Doyle Summer Volunteer.jpgHello beautiful people, I am Keva hailing all the way from Trinidad and Tobago – the cosmopolitan twin island republic in the Caribbean which lies just off the North East coast of Venezuela.

My guiding experience has rapidly evolved over the last three years which is a reflection of my member organization’s thrust for young and innovative talent at the executive level. As Public Relations Officer for the Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago I set out on this journey as Marketing and Communications Intern at Our Chalet to further enhance my skills and to forge lifelong relationships.

But why Switzerland some may ask? As the Summer MCI I am also fulfilling my dream of visiting this beautiful country. It is truly a privilege to be able to discover the WAGGGS World Centres – Our Cabana being my first visit in 2013 – which all have their own identity comprised of a wonderful culturally diverse team and overall atmosphere. 
However, one thing that remains constant throughout these centres is the Guiding Spirit which is emanated and evident throughout every nook and cranny you turn.

As a strong believer in the power of positive energy, I plan to make my time here unforgettable, unregretful and undeniably magical!

Aleenta Piamjad (Thailand) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Aleenta Piamjad Autumn Volunteer.JPGSawasdee ka!!

Hi, I'm Aleenta from Thailand. I love challenging activities and adventure very much. I have been to Our Chalet once before in September 2014 to attend the Alpine Adventure Week programme. I was so impressed by the activities which encouraged me to discover my potential and gave me the opportunity to assist others. It was an amazing time.

I am very happy and excited to be coming back to Our Chalet as an Autumn Volunteer. I have many thinks to learn (especially social and leadership skills). As a volunteer, I can do many things to assist people and learn from others in the same time. I'm certain it will be the most special time of my life!

Lena Rojas Segura (Costa Rica) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Lena Segura Autumn volunteer.JPGHello everyone ! My name is Lena, I'm a troop leader from Costa Rica.

This adventure with Scouting started 3 years ago, when I decided to join as a leader. It has been challenging as I knew nothing about Scouting when I started, but this experience has changed my whole life for good. I'm glad that I joined :)

Also I'm a student of Social Work and I hope to graduate next year. 

I'm very happy to be at Our Chalet, I'm sure the vollies and I will learn so many things for daily life and make memories of a lifetime!

Pura vida!

Julieta Cassanello (Argentina) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Julieta Cassanello Autumn Volunteer.JPGHola a todos!!

I am Juli. I am from Argentina and it's my first time to Our Chalet. I live far away from home, actually I live in Germany with my husband Mati. I am a Professional Radio Broadcaster and I love doing Voiceover for movies and documentaries. I have a Bachelor in Communcation with a specialisation in Journalism and I also study History.

I have been involved in Guiding since I was 9 but to be honest I feel I've been a Girl Guide since I was born. My parents and sisters are all involved in Guiding and Scouting too, so I grew up surrounded by camps and badges.

I believe that Our Chalet is a unique place to experience international Guiding. I love nature and being outdoors, so I think this is the right place for me. Going on camps and having campfires are my biggest hobbies. I would love to share the adventure of being a vollie with many other women who are willing to live in a World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts World Centre.

Siempre Lista para Servir!

Moyahabo Maipa (Republic of South Africa) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Moyahabo Masipa Autumn Volunteer.JPGDumela!

I'm Moyahabo, an 18 year old Ranger from Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm currently on a gap year before heading back to school next year to complete my degree in International Studies. I'm a Junior Guider at the local Guide unit in my area (where this wonderful Guiding journey began) and also the current Chairperson of my Ranger crew. I enjoy the perks of being both outdoors and in the city. I'm a big foodies, more I love anything that has the word food in.

I'm excited to learn from fellow volunteers and to begin this adventure with them. I hope that my stay here at Our Chalet will not only benefit myself but the World Centre as well and that the memories made here during my stay will be forever cherished.

Stephanie Bulanda (Canada) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Stephanie Bulanda Autumn VolunteerHi, I'm Steph and I am from London, Ontario, Canada. I am 23 years old and just graduated from university in June. I am officially a registered nurse. I love to play sports (specifically rugby) and love outdoor activities...hiking, running and camping. I started Sparks when I was 5 years old and have been in Guiding ever since. As a leader I have worked with Brownies, Pathfinders and Rangers.

I visited Our Chalet in 2013 and knew I needed to come back for a longer period. I fell in love with the mountains and felt so at home being surrounded by Guiding. I am so excited to be at Oor Chalet this Autumn and I am looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring !

Orla McGovern (Australia) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Orla McGovern Autmn Volunteer.JPGG'day everyone!

My name is Orla and I'm a 23 year old Girl Guide from Sydney, Australia. I've been a Guide since I was 7 and have so many fond memories from my time as a junior member. I also know that I owe so many of my invaluable life skills to Guides; both leadership and team-work abilities as well as perchance for lists and goal setting all come from Guiding.

At 18, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to open a Guide Unit (ages 10-14), I didn't hesitate to say yes! It's been an incredibly rewarding experience seeing the girls develop important skills for life and have tons of fun along the way! We recently completed the Free Being Me curriculum and I was so inspired with the way my unit embraced it and learned from it. In 2013 I attended a conference at Sangam World Centre to be trained in the Voices Against Violence curriculum, a part of the larger Stop the Violence program. It was honestly life changing. The summer I was fortunate enough to work at a Girl Scout Summer Camp in California and of course to visit Our Chalet.

I studied History and Art History at "Uni" and am currently undertaking a Masters of Art Curatorship. I love History, Art and learning about new cultures. I also enjoy exploring and trying new foods, so I think Switzerland is the perfect place for me!

Jane Wood (UK) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Jane Wood Autumn Volunteer.JPGI'm Jane, 21 years old and from Gateshead in the North East of England. I've just graduated from university in June after studying Geography and hope to go back in September to start a Masters in Social Work.

Guiding started for me at age 5 when I joined Rainbows, and after completing Brownies and Guides I am now a Young Qualified Leader of 25th Gateshead Rainbows.

I've been very excited to come to Our Chalet and I certainly wasn't disappointed! The place is beautiful, the weather (started off) amazing and I've met some great people from all over the world! On the first day we even jumped off a bridge...twice!

If you're reading and fancy yourself as a volunteer - just get on it and click APPLY! xxx

Callie Ochsner (USA) - Our Chalet Assistant - Autumn 2015

092015_Switzerland_Callie Ochsner Autumn volunteer.JPGHello!

My name is Callie and I am an Autumn Volunteer from Arizona, in the United States. I have been a Girl Scout since I was five years old, and the organization has always been a big part of my life, through summer camp, troop activities and finally earning my Gold Award. I just graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, and I've decided to do some traveling before pursuing my career in America. I love being outside, hiking, reading and being crafty. I am very excited to be a part of Our Chalet's inspiring history!

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