Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS

Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS

Become a Friend of Kusafiri WAGGGS and help more girls and young women enjoy the Kusafiri experience.

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Who are the Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS?

A special donor group set up for supporters of Kusafiri. Your donations ensure that girls and young women from around the world can access and enjoy self-development, learning and adventure at Kusafiri.


Can I join?

Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS is open to any individual who supports the Mission and Vision of Kusafiri and WAGGGS and donates £40 or more. There are 4 levels, all of which are based on your lifetime giving to Kusafiri, so once you're eligible for one of our levels, you can be a Friend for Life!

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Friends of Kusafiri WAGGGS giving levels

Green - £40

Silver - £80

Gold - £200

Major donor - £1000

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As a Friend of Kusafiri WAGGGS you will:

  • Provide vital funding for Kusafiri’s programmes, activities and work with girls 
  • Be kept up to date with the latest news and information on projects and campaigns
  • Receive a special pin and certificate
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