Regional Conference Bids

Regional Conference Bids

We are now inviting you to bid to host the next European Guide Conference in 2022.

This time we open the call initially to host just the 17th European Guide Conference, as our friends in WOSM are considering moving to a different governance cycle which could mean that we no longer hold the WAGGGS and WOSM regional conferences at the same time. WAGGGS and WOSM will of course continue to work together in Europe (and globally) on matters of common interest.

To avoid any negative impact on the time that WAGGGS MOs have to prepare their bids, we invite our Members to submit their proposals now, giving them the possibility of opting in, or out, of hosting a joint Conference, subject to the decision taken at the 7th European Scout Symposium this March. 

Please read our guidelines on the bidding process and submit your expression of interest before 17:00 (UTC) on Monday 18 March 2019.

Rules of Procedure

We are also sharing the draft Rules of Procedure for the WAGGGS Conference for consultation. If you would like to propose a change, please let us know by emailing our Governance team at or by post to: 

Governance team - Confidential
WAGGGS World Bureau
Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road
London, NW3 5PQ
United Kingdom

The deadline to propose a change to Rules of Procedure is 17:00 (UTC) on Friday 08 March 2019. Based on your feedback we will share the final version of the Rules of Procedure two months before the first Regional Conference. All five Regional Conferences will use the same final version of Rules of Procedure.

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