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On my honor, I will try my best: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to follow the Girl Guides Law.

Sudan Guide Promise

Sudan Guide Law

  1. Pure and responsible for what I think, say and do,
  2. Courageous and strong
  3. Respect myself and others
  4. Obedient and respect authority
  5. Thrifty and use resources wisely,
  6. Friendly to the environment and caring to animals
  7. Be a sister and friend to every Girl Guide.

I promise to do my best: To do my duty to God, my country and the President, To help other people every day, especially those at home, and To obey the Bluebird Law

Bluebird Promise

Bluebird Law

A Bluebird always does her best.

Thinks of others, before herself.

Does a good turn every day.

Development of the Movement

Guiding began in Sudan in 1928 when two companies were formed, one in an American Mission School in Atabara and the other in Khartoum. Guiding activities ceased shortly afterwards. However, they restarted some years later when people of many different nationalities worked together to promote the Movement, resulting in companies and flocks being formed in all parts of Sudan.

A headquarters was set up in Khartoum which was opened by the World Chief Guide in 1949. Following the country’s independence in 1955, the first Sudanese Chief Commissioner was appointed.

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