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I promise on my honour to fulfil my duty towards God, my country and the Sultan, To help people, and To keep the Guide Law.

Oman Guide Promise

Oman Guide Law

  1. The honour of a Girl Guide is to be trusted.
  2. A Girl Guide is faithful to God, her country, parents, and to both her seniors and juniors.
  3. The Guide is useful and helps others.
  4. The Guide is a friend to all, and sister of other Guides.
  5. A Guide is a girl of good character.
  6. A Guide is kind to animals.
  7. A Guide obeys her parents, the head of the Patrol Division, and the Leader of the Group.
  8. A Guide faces hardships patiently smiling.
  9. A Guide is not extravagant.
  10. A Guide should be clean, have a clean mind and clean thoughts.

I promise to: Fulfil my duty towards God, my country and the Sultan, Help all people, particularly those at home, Abide by the Brownie Law.

Brownie Promise

Brownie Law

A Brownie obeys the elder.

A Brownie does not indulge herself.

Development of the Movement

The first Brownie packs and Guide companies were opened in elementary and intermediate schools in Muscat, the capital of Oman, in 1972. Guiding soon spread to other parts of the country, and the National Organization for Scouts and Guides was established by Royal Decree in 1975.
The Omani Scout and Guide Organizations constitute the National Organization for Scouts and Guides. The two wings operate independently, but both have their headquarters in the same building in Muscat.

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