Our partners

To make the most of our unique strengths, the WAGGGS Arab Region and its Member Organisations work in partnership with many non-governmental organisations and United Nations agencies.

Arab Region Girl Guides

Our partners include the UN Children’s Fund, High Commission for Refugees, Population Fund, Family Health International and the Food and Agricultural Organisation, to promote awareness on education and health issues.

The majority of our Member Organisations work with their governments through the Ministry of Youth and Ministry of Education. They also deliver projects with other non-governmental organisations, international organisations and UN agencies. For example, UNICEF supported a stop the violence project in Libya, while the UN Women supported a women empowerment project in Egypt.

Tunisia Girl Guides

Partnerships between Member Organisations

There are also partnerships with other Member Organisations of WAGGGS. For example, Tunisian Scouts has a partnership agreement with Scouts Danish KFUM since 2008.

Partnerships between associations in the Region are a priority area of development for the Arab Committee, as well as for Member Organisations who stressed this at the Regional Conference.

Arab young women If you’re interested in working in partnership with the WAGGGS Arab Region, please contact our Regional Director - micheline.antonian@wagggs.org.
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