The Arab Regional Conference

The Arab Regional Conference

The Regional Conference takes place every three years and provides a venue for leaders to share ideas and have their say on the regional strategy.

The Conference aims include:

Arab Regional Conference 2013
  • Bringing together all Member Organisations in the Region on a triennial basis to meet and share experiences;
  • Promoting WAGGGS and its Mission, Vision and goals;
  • Discussing and agreeing regional strategies, goals and priorities, consistent with WAGGGS’ goals and Strategic Plan;
  • Electing members of the Arab Regional Committee;
  • Approving the general financial plan for the following triennium;
  • Discussing and resolve issues of importance to the Region.

Libya at the Arab Regional Conference 2013

Each Member Organisation of the Arab Region is represented by up to four members accredited by their organisation, one of whom is the Committee Member (where the Member Organisation has one). In case of a Federation, each Association is represented by one member with a maximum of ten members in total.

Arab conference history

Arab Conferences have been held every three years since 2001. Prior to that, they were held every two years, except for few occasions.

Here are the dates and locations of all Arab Conferences so far:

1966: Tripoli, Libya

1968: Algeria, Algeria

1970: Damascus, Syria

1972: Mosul, Iraq

1974: Beirut, Lebanon

1976: Bear Albay, Tunisia

1978: Almamora, Morocco

1980: Tripoli, Libya

1984: Amman, Jordan

1986: Sanaa, Yemen

1988: Abu Dhabi, UAE

1991: Cairo, Egypt

1993: Cairo, Egypt

1996: Manama, Bahrain

1997: Cairo, Egypt (extraordinary meeting)

1999: Cairo, Egypt

2001: Tripoli, Libya

2004: Muscat, Oman

2007: Tunisia, Tunisia

2010: Beirut, Lebanon

2013: Muscat, Oman

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