Successful presentations and an emotional last day at the NLDP


Today was bitter sweet – bitter because we, the participants of the NLDP training event were parting ways, but most definitely sweet because we have gained great knowledge, techniques, skills and lots more. Not just from the Planning Team, but from each other. Coupled with that, we have all gained worldwide support network (16 countries to be exact)!

The day began with colours and reflections and then on to what we were all anticipating for the entire week - Member Organization Presentations! The previous day we were given two challenges to work on in our Member Organization (MO) teams (only a few didn’t have partners):

1)      Prepare a program that we would facilitate at home for an NLDP Training of Trainers Workshop using all three elements that we were exposed to over the week: personal development, understanding leadership and leading teams.

2)      To design an entire session, but only present the first 15 minutes (phew!) – incorporating the opening, input and a brief of an activity.

This led to an extremely late night, or should we say an early morning, ahead of our final day with Pax Lodge being alive with MOs working until about 3:00 in the morning.

nldpdebToday we were joined by Deb Cross, Chief Operations Officer at WAGGGS who came to see what we had learned in our intensive week of training.

On to the presentations: Lebanon was first to go, at the start of our morning session, while Nigeria closed out a really excellent learning experience.

We provided “feedback sandwiches” to each MO, giving both positive and negative thoughts about each other’s presentations. This was really well received by all, as we were provided with tips for our constant improvement and development as NLDP facilitators.

Our next session was an open one called ‘Connect, Extend, Challenge, Act’ where we looked at the various expectations we had at the beginning of the week. Most had been met and as participants that felt really good, but for the Planning Team that represented a job well done! So, great job ladies!!

The penultimate session of the day was entitled ‘My Personal Commitment’. In this we brought our creative and artistic talents to the fore, using modeling clay to depict our feelings about the NLDP training.

We finished our last day sharing an emotional closure, where each region demonstrated the journey made during this week.  By using our creativity the results were fantastic! We also saw a video with photographs taken during the training. That made us laugh and get involved in an emotional way.  The final moment arrived, we had to say goodbye to each other, to the planning team and to Pax Lodge as well. We did this by singing Taps (a beautiful moment sharing the song in different languages!).

We have to say a special ‘thank you’ to all the staff at Pax Lodge for being so nice to all of us and for the help they provided. We felt so much care!

Thank you WAGGGS for developing this NLDP, and for trusting us to develop this programme in our M.O.

nldpsharondawnAnd a very special THANK YOU for all the Planning Team, for being so supportive, patient and for all the work they done to have this wonderful training week. We’ll never forget you! Finally, THANK YOU to all the participants (us) for sharing and learning each other. We’ll keep in touch!

The river is flowing … and we are flowing with it.

Day 5 report

by the Western Hemisphere Region