Day 4 of the NLDP: hard work, focus, ambition, drive and... a cream tea

nldpcoachingThe morning started with special song from South Africa. The song was about a train reaching its goals while passing through hills of South Africa. This song provided participants with very nice feelings. We formed a train to dance round the flagpole and into out morning session. This was a coaching session with Denis Sartain from Henley Business School. Denis led us through a journey of learning how to be a good coach. Most of the participants are feeling confident they can provide similar sessions to trainees in their own MO. Every day we are learning a lot and gaining more and more confidence to be skilled trainers.



After the lunch we were challenged to  plan training for trainers at our own MO. To have a break from planning in the afternoon we had very traditional ritual of English ‘cream tea’. This is a special treat of scones with jam and cream accompanied by cups of tea. After the cream tea we got back to our training planning.


nldplateOur task was to choose one session and be ready to deliver it the next day in front of other participants in 15 minutes.  This was the most challenging task. Everybody started to plan these very important 15 minutes that will build our confidence to the highest level. And guess what… at 3:31am on 10 May 2013 some of the participants were still awake preparing for their own sessions! This is an example of the dedication we have to ensuring this training programme is a success.  Will see what tomorrow, our last day of training at the NLDP will bring to us all.

Day 4 report by the Europe Region

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