Day 3 update: an external trainer provides a new dimension to the NLDP workshop

Today we started with the raising of the flag in the rain, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm here at Pax Lodge.  We had two energisers to start our day (in the rain!).

paxmay2013springboardJenny Daisley from the Springboard Consultancy came and gave us a really inspiring and encouraging day of facilitation.  Jenny had been a Brownie, a Guide, a Pack Leader and for a short while, a Brown Owl.  Now she is the Chief Executive of The Springboard Consultancy.  As she hadn’t had the chance to meet us until today, she started with a short ‘Getting to Know You’ activity.  

We then had an input about the difference between training or education and development, which was very relevant to our previous days of NLDP learning.  We worked with different training methods to develop our knowledge, understanding and build our practical skills.  We learnt that our role when we return to our respective Member Organisations will be to help put bridges across to where our Trainers want to be.  We will need to care about the people we are working with and they must feel free to go where they need to go in terms of Leadership development

We explored powerful and attractive words and then set about describing ourselves using these words.  It was a hard task to write good things about ourselves, but felt good to have someone else saying those things about us.  At the end of the day, Jenny challenged us to reach the point of feeling good about saying these good things about ourselves. 


We practised preparing and giving dynamic and inspiring ‘openings’ to the start of training sessions. First impressions are lasting and a strong, clear opening to a session starts to build the bridges between ourselves and the participants.  Then we looked at giving the Inputs – short and to the point rather than long lectures.  The Inputs provide new information, examples and enable us to take the facilitating to the next level with activities with the participants.  We learnt that briefing our activities and exercises clearly before beginning them is vital.  What an important lesson we learnt!  Practical feedback was also included to polish our presentations helping us to shine when we get back to our respective MO’s.

We discussed the virtues of having Guest Speakers come to our trainings and adding valuable input to the facilitation was key to a successful training.  The speaker would need to be someone who would inspire and encourage and be a role model to our specific participants.

Conclusions are very important to end of a training session and we spent time getting these right using the input that Jenny provided us with. 


Reflection on our learning so far then took place and we placed ourselves along the journey of the river. Throughout the day Jenny really helped us to think about ourselves as trainers and how we presented ourselves to participants to deliver the best possible learning experience. We considered ways to improve our delivery and looked closely at what we could improve on an individual basis. We would really like to thank Jenny for helping us along our journey.


Day 3 report by the African Participants

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Jenny Daisley - 10 May 2013 - 9.35AM (GMT)

I had an amazing day too as I joined this this very bright and lively group for part of their journey. As I left at the end of the day's training I was showered with gifts brought by many of the women from their countries.

But the biggest gift of all that I received is the generosity of spirit that these women have and which they shared with me. They will go back to their countries and spread this generosity even further to all the women that they train.

I thank them all for the privilege of being with them for the day. I don't believe in luck. Here at the Springboard Consultancy Liz Willis and I many years back decided that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. This group is preparing well to meet the opportunities that will be there back in their home countries. Go well and enjoy!
Be brilliant! Keep polishing so you shine even more. I shall be thinking of you. All good wishes from Jenny Daisley

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