‘Yes! Girls Can’

23 March 2016
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Campaign Launched In Eight African Countries

When empowered, girls and young women can do wonders and be responsible citizens of the world. That Yess Girl logois the message that eight WAGGGS Member Organizations in Africa have been sending to the world in a campaign titled: ‘Yes, the Girls Can!’  The campaign has been launched this March (but on different days) by Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Madagascar.

In each of these countries, the campaign which attracted public and press attention in the 8 different countries was spearheaded by 35 young women who are currently in the YESS Girls Movement, a flagship project in Africa implemented by nine countries I proud partnership with WAGGGS supported by FK Norway.

Below are highlights of the campaign from selected countries:-

Yess Girl photo Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe: Yes! Girls can lead tomorrow and change the world.

For Team Zimbabwe their theme was ‘Yes the girls can lead tomorrow and change the world’. "We have selected this amazing theme because we want to empower girls with leadership skills, boost their confidence and provide them with a platform to speak out on issues related that affect them." Revealed Gorreth Maria –one of the YESS Participants spearheading the campaign.

Yess Girl photoEvelyn from Kenya currently in Zimbabwe as a YESS participant talking to the press about the campaign as other young women look on.

In Kenya: Yes girls can shape their lifestyle

Yess Girl photo Kenya

From right to left: Gilberthe from Rwanda, Dina from Madagascar and Olebo from South Africa –all the three currently in Kenya under the YESS program. They led the Yes! the Girls can! Campaign in Kenya. 

The Kenya campaign focussed on the theme: “Yes girls can shape their lifestyle “by having proper nutrition. The main objective of this campaign was to promote healthy life styles among girls and young women. The campaign pushed for prevention and reduction of preventable diseases, disability , premature death from non-communicable conditions; abuse of drugs and Alcohol  and also to increase awareness of girls and women about non-communicable diseases. 

Yess Girl photo Rwanda

In Rwanda: Girls matter and their role in achieving SDGs is significant         

Team Rwanda chose to raise awareness on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to girls and young women, and to facilitate & encourage them to realise their role in the development of the world.

In South Africa:  Yes Girls can abstain from drugs and alcohol

Yess Girl photo South Africa

In a country where many young people use drugs and alcohol, the team chose to focus on the sub theme:  YES girls can abstain from drugs and alcohol’      

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