WAGGGS visit the Ancient Algerian Muslim Scouts, 24 - 29 March, 2016

21 April 2016
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The Director of the Arab Region, Chaymaa Hassan and Arab Commitee member, Fariha Al Sharkassi, visited the Ancient Algerian Muslim Scouts Association.

WAGGGS Algeria visit Ancient Algerian Muslim Scouts 2016 - Arab Regional Committee member with general commander and IC commissionerThe aim of the visit was to asses the current situation of Algeria as an association working towards WAGGGS' membership; to take part in the second national forum for female leaders supporting the Algerian association in increasing membership in the female sector; and to introduce WAGGGS. 

WAGGGS Algeria visit Ancient Algerian Muslim Scouts 2016 - Second national forum for leaders group picture120 young women from all over the country participated in the workshops held at the forum which focused on the theme of “Integrating girls in volunteerism” and covered topics on guiding activities, membership development and the use of technology and communication in volunteerism. The WAGGGS delegation also hosted a workshop to introduce our Mission, Vision, global initiatives and activities to the participants and the association. 

The General Commander, Mr. Mostafa Saadoun, and the International Commissioner, Mr. Ali Boukhachaba were delighted to be present at the event. 

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