I am proud I am a Girl

03 November 2015
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Following the celebrations of the International Day of the Girl on 11 October, the Blue Oceans Girl Guides group hosted a seminar on "I am a Girl" to share the concept of equality with other girls from their school.

Gender equality programme - Punjab, IndiaDuring the International Day of the Girl, the Blue Oceans Girl Guides group learned about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through WAGGGS' newly-launched "10 Million Voices" activity pack. The group chose the Global Goal for Gender Equality as the goal that they would like to work on. They decided to promote education for all and raise awareness in the society about the importance of education for girls.

Guide Captain Amritpal Kaur shared "While discussing with the girls, I felt that the girls are challenged by inferiority complex. They are not enjoying themselves as girls. They are in constant competition with boys. Every second of their lives, they are wasting to prove that they are better than boys."

Gender equality programme - Punjab, IndiaTherefore, the group planned a programme with the theme "I am Proud I am a Girl" and invited girls from 9th and 10th grades to join. A total of 42 girls participated in the programme. The motto of the programme is "My Peace My Progress", chosen as they believe that they could only think of progress if they have a peace of mind.

Gender equality programme - Punjab, IndiaThe programme is based on the true concept of equality. Amritpal further shared "When we talk about equality, it does not mean a girl starts competition with a boy. Girls should not be engrossed in this type of competitions. It is a bitter truth that a girl feels proud when someone said "she is like a boy". But this is not good. Unknowingly, girls are losing their own identities. They do not feel proud being a girl. In our programme, we encouraged girls to respect their own identities and feel proud to be a girl".

Gender equality programme - Punjab, India

To further motivate the girls, a song was introduced and everyone sang:

I have two eyes to observe

I have two ears to listen

I have a mind to refine

I have two hands to work

I have two legs to continue

I am proud I am a Girl

Gender equality programme - Punjab, IndiaThe group discussed whether they feel peace in their homes, how they can gain peace of mind and develop a positive progressive attitude in themselves. They also shared their own definitions of peace, justice and good governance.

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