First Training For Teams On The FISF Educational Programme

31 March 2016
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The ambassadors for the educational programme met together on 10 January 2016 at FISF headquarters to train team members from the Component Associations of the Ivorian Federation of Girl Scouting (FISF) on the educational programme.

The ambassadors’ job was to review the different teams, provide information regarding the importance of having a national document about the activities that girl scouting offers to girls, and finally to build a Federal educational programme team on the basis of the existing national teams.FISF educational programme

In fact, since they returned from the “Prepared to Learn, Prepared to Lead” training, the ambassadors            have had a series of meetings with leaders of their Component Associations with a view to building a single team responsible for the educational programme. That was in line with the roadmap created by the EUCI, the ELAICI and the Guides, whose teams have been trained, having received a first training session during the leaders’ camp organised by the FISF in September 2015.

Following that training, this meeting was organised to create a Federal team responsible for the educational programme. Isabelle KAYOSSI reviewed the definition of the educational programme and its importance as a part of the activities offered to girls and young women, then Irmine KOUAME explained to the leaders the different stages of developing the educational programme, particularly noting the importance of the educational framework, the details of which were presented by Evelyna N’KOUASSE.

FISF Educational programmeThen together we reviewed the various action plans to incorporate the changes made since the “PREPARED TO LEARN, PREPARED TO LEAD” training which took place in Benin. Then, supported by the FISF, we also adopted a timeline for training on the educational programme for each branch, which will take place from April 2016.


The meeting came to an end with the creation of a team of Federal leaders, trainers and designers.





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