Blue Oceans Guides and Scouts celebrate International Day of the Girl

03 November 2015
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The Blue Oceans Group of Bharat Scouts and Guides, India celebrated the International Day of the Girl on 11 October 2015 by learning about the Global Goals of Sustainable Development.

The Blue Oceans Girl Guides and Scouts group is based in the Government High School Handiaya (Barnala) of Punjab, India. Girl Guide leader Amritpal Kaur shared how the group celebrated the International Day of the Girl (IDG) this year.

International Day of the Girl 2015 - IndiaA total of 32 Girl Guides and 10 Scouts participated in the International Day of the Girl celebrations in the school. Firstly, the participants were divided into seven groups. Each group was given a drawing sheet and asked to draw ten flowers on it. In the first round, each group was given only one sketch. After a few seconds, group A was given extra colours and help in drawing the flowers by the unit leader. Group C was told to blindfold themselves while drawing, while the positions of groups E and F were interchanged. After five minutes, the children were asked to stop and discuss about the inequality in this drawing process.

International Day of the Girl 2015 - IndiaAfter that, a wooden stool is kept in the middle of the room. The children were told that if they felt the drawing conditions set on them are unfair, they can stand on the stool and speak out about it. Then the drawing exercise continued for another five minutes. During the time, again, the unit leader set unfair conditions on different groups. Group A was not given any sketch to draw while Group B was instructed to draw while standing on benches. This time, the children spoke out and shouted for equality. 

International Day of the Girl 2015 - IndiaNext was the Global Goals Bowling. The unit leader gave the children the Goals Success cards which she had translated to Punjabi so they could understand. The 17 Global Goals were written on the board. Each team chose a Global Success card from the bowl and sent their team member to circle the matching Global Goal on the board. If they chose the correct Goal, they get an opportunity to play the bowling game. Team D earned the maximum points in this game. At the end of the activity, the leader explained why is there a need to have the goals and introduce them to the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

International Day of the Girl 2015 - IndiaAfter that the children were divided into four zones - People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace. They were given time to discuss the topic in their respective zones. They designed their own vision for a better world. The activity ended with the children coming together and choosing the Global Goal that they would like to work on, which is Gender Equality. 

All the four groups agreed that education for all, especially girl education is vital to achieve this Global Goal. 

The activities used by the group were adapted from the 10 Million Voices activity pack launched by WAGGGS for the International Day of the Girl 2015.

International Day of the Girl 2015 - India

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