Call for interest to host WAGGGS Camp 2022

23 March 2020
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With great pleasure and excitement, we are pleased to invite Member Organisations of Europe Region WAGGGS to express an interest in hosting WAGGGS Camp 2022.

The Europe Region Committee has agreed to create a unique experience for WAGGGS members by organising an educational event in 2022 for Guides and Scouts aged 13-18.

WAGGGS Camp 2022 will be the first large-scale event of its kind. This will be the first WAGGGS-only, WAGGGS-led, and WAGGGS-created international camp programme for youth members. Serving as the host organisation for WAGGGS Camp 2022 is a unique opportunity to amplify the vibrancy of our Region and our global Movement.

Help us create history and transform the lives of our members at this event. Let’s reach this milestone together!

We aim to make a difference and...

  • Provide WAGGGS members with the opportunity to participate in a large-scale regional event
  • Provide active and fun learning experiences that can contribute to personal development
  • Offer an interactive learning experience on the SDGs by raising awareness and developing individual capacities to achieve these goals
  • Promote intercultural learning and exchange
  • Encourage the sharing of experiences and promising practices relating to Guides and Scouts programmes to ultimately strengthen regional programming for this age level
  • Promote partnerships throughout Europe
  • Enable meaningful international leadership experiences

Event guidelines

  • When preparations for the WAGGGS Camp 2022 begin, the Region and the host MO will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each party, in addition to identifying priorities, financial considerations, and organisational matters. A lead planning team composed of representatives of the Region and the host MO will be established, with specific roles and responsibilities assigned to members.
  • The event location should be an attractive outdoor setting offering a wide variety of educational opportunities for young people. The host MO is responsible for selecting the most suitable venue, which should be endorsed by Europe Region Committee.
  • The host organisation, in collaboration with Europe Region Committee, will determine the goal number of participants. As a starting point, the Committee would like the scale of this event to be for a minimum of 1000 participants.
  • The host organisation, in collaboration with Europe Region, should encourage the participation of Guides and Scouts from as many different countries across Europe as possible. Guides and Scouts from other WAGGGS Regions will also be welcomed to join this event.

Proposed dates

We are considering 7-10 days in April or July 2022, when the majority of European countries have their school holidays.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for the expression of interest is 15 June 2020. The document must be signed by the Member Organisation’s International Commissioner and sent via email to

All proposals will be considered by the Europe Region Committee and presented to MOs at the EGM at World Conference in July 2020.

Further information or questions

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Europe Committee via email:

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