First day of the NLDP gets off to a busy start

Day1:  At the River Mouth


After an energetic introduction evening on Sunday 5 May the programme started in earnest today with our flag raising ceremony. The river theme saw us start our journey ‘at the river mouth’: the programme and expectations were clearly explained before we began our journey with a look at the WLDP modules. During the evening we shared stories and materials on rivers from our home countries to really help us expand on the event theme.

Trainers Pax May13

Below is a summary of the day:


Colours by participants from Slovenia and Lithuania, reflection from the staff and morning activities were carried out by participants from Dominica.



a. Participants were required to stand in the formation of a river based on different categories, such as January to December, years in Guiding or years of facilitating experience.

b. Expectations from the training and working together

1.  Carrying out an activity where participants move in groups according to regions.

2.  Participants fill in responses for categories like concern, expectations of participants,

     expectations of the Planning Team, expectations about the programme and other expectations.



a. Various activities carried out during this session; Developing International Leadership at

     WAGGGS World Level, Global Level, Regional Level and National Level.  

                 Trainers Pax May131


a. Information on learning and training, current training trends, key words to policy and resources,

      context, creating effective learning environments, aims, learner centered approach, girls and

      young women realizing their potential and links to other materials.



a   WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) – the approach:  connect, extend, challenge, and act.

b. Focus on learning, ensuring / enhancing knowledge and skills; reflection (Learning Journal) and


c. Introducing WLDP Modules - Personal Development, Understanding Leadership, Leading Teams,

     Diversity, Management Skills, Communication, Advocacy and Setting Direction.


4.  FOCUS ON THREE MODULESTrainers Pax May132

a. Making pledge “I Pledge to … “Participants are given the three modules that will be

     used in NLDP.

b. The modules are Personal Development, Understanding Leadership and Leading Teams.

c. Participants reflect on activities carried out in the morning.

d. An activity was carried out, telling a story: the Ugly Duckling and reflection.



a. Putting regional flags on our country and marking the river on the map.

b. Dancing to the song, “Babylon”.

c. Participants from Member Organizations present materials on rivers, dance, songs, poems,

     stories, fairy tales and video presentation.

d. Four Member Organizations put up stalls for exhibitions.


Day 1 report prepared by Asia Pacific Region

Your comments

Lydia Mutare - 7 May 2013 - 7.27PM (GMT)

I will be following your progress with much interest. Take every opportunity to learn and share experiences that will help you when you get back to your respective countries. Good luck and best wishes

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