Day 4 - Facilitating the change

Day 4: Friendship is born… What’s next?

‘Harambee’ (Hand in Hand) Day

Londiani-SingingIt is our third and final day and yet it feels like a lifetime of friendship. The day began with a mass focused around the good friendship that we will see throughout the day and its true meaning.

While we were enjoying the morning sun, we had a surprise visit of a monkey family. We watched them jump from one branch to another for a while before we began our facilitating.  Our “harambee” day started with a song from the community representatives.

Sexuality and Health

The first session was about “sexuality and health”. We discussed how the community values and understands the significance of sexual identity.  The audience was empowered to spread the knowledge they had gained to the community children. The initiative behind this session was to enhance the girls’ self awareness. 

Londiani- Action PlanCoaching and Training

The second session discussed the difference between coaching and training. The participants were able to express their understanding of the importance of coaching through role play, definitions, and comparison methods.

The three-day workshop ended when the representative of the four pilot schools, PHO, and the Education and young leaders developed an action plan.  This action plan included three educational needs and three infrastructural objectives. It was a productive and rewarding facilitation workshop.

School Visits

The highlight of the day was the visit of the international team to two local schools:

Londiani- school visitLondiani Girl’s Academy is a boarding school with the motto of “Yes We Can”. We had an overwhelming welcoming ceremony: one hundred and fifty girls were standing in the field with “WELCOME” signs in English, French, Arabic, Greek and Armenian (which are the languages of the international team members). The girls took us on a tour around the school, showed us the facilities they use, and shared their challenges and dreams.

Londiani Central Primary School welcomed us in their humble environment with grace and joy songs. We toured around the school and had the chance to meet friends whom names we shall never forget. I believe some day they will be our hands and voices for a better future.

Our Journey

We started our journey with the vision that “No girl in Londiani should miss a day of school because of those things”. Now that our eye opening experience has reached an end, we come to the question: ‘what comes next?’

Deep down we know that we are doing what Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are proud to do all around the world… empower our sisters.  And we think of how far G4G could go.

Against all odds and challenges, we hope this dream, this vision, this passion and this voice could one day see the light by empowering the girls of Londiani (as a first step) as well as girls all around the world.

The G4G Team, Londiani, Kenya

On this third and final day, we leave Londiani hand in hand for a better future, leaving behind a piece of our hearts… and as Lord BP said, ‘we shall leave the world a better place’.