Day 3 - ME as a facilitator

Day 3 of the leadership training in Kenya is told by Katerina (Greek Guiding Association) and Marnye (GSUSA) on behalf of the Girls for Girls Team.

Londiani group work


poor menstrual hygiene is one of the reasons our peers don’t attend school during their periods

Girls in Londiani, Kenya

A group of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides at a WLDP (WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme) training decided that this had to change and created the Girls for Girls project. This project is a partnership with the Londiani community, WAGGGS through the WLDP, Friends of Londiani and the Kenyan Girl Guide Association.

Londiani workshop

Goal:  No girl in Londiani, or anywhere in the world, should miss a day of school because of “those things” (menstruation cycle).


Aim: To empower Kenyan girls through education on health, hygiene, sanitation and finance.

Today, the facilitator training was in full swing. Londiani community leaders and teachers participated in sessions on some of the key topics.

 Learning about SanitationLondiani Day 3- Sanitation

During the session on sanitation, everyone put on their “girl hat” and created puppets for a drama depicting HIV’s effect on the immune system. One puppet and its puppeteer fell victim to an overzealous killer T-cell that was protecting the human body. Don’t worry, no one was harmed in this exercise!

Finance and Money-Earning

Londiani-financeIt was business in action during the Finance and Money-Earning session, led by Joey and Stephanie. Londiani community leaders and teachers learned about micro-finance by becoming merchants and shoppers while choosing how to spend their money. The game took on a life of its own when the participants started to ask the bank for loans, and the shops for discounts and credit.

We received fantastic feedback on the session from our Kenyan Girl Guide sisters, who are excited to take the finance games back to their local communities.

Personal GrowthLondiani- personal growth

Everyone had hands-on experience building an action plan during the personal growth session. Participants were challenged to think how they would achieve the Girls for Girls goal in their school though Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound steps (SMART).

FOL Celebration

Londiani- celebration 2Today, 24 February 2011 was also an important day for the people of Londiani. The Friends of Londiani officially opened their new office with an afternoon celebration. The Girls for Girls team and workshop participants attended the event and were treated to a traditional performance by the Londiani Central Primary School dancers. The Girls for Girls team also jumped right in and joined Londiani women in a few dances and then had a taste of cake, Kenyan style. Local girls, Lydia (red dress) and Harriet (rose dress) joined Maria in the official ribbon cutting.Londiani-celebration

At the ceremony, speakers talked about the importance of having friends from around the world who care about what happens here, in Londiani. The Girl for Girls team shares the feeling that what is happening in Londiani, with the participants and even within ourselves, is of great importance. This is only the beginning of empowering girls throughout Kenya. This pilot project will impact 200 girls in four schools within the next three months. Where will it go from there?

Londiani-friendsThe Journey

We the team, from Australia, Greece, Lebanon, Senegal and the United States all embarked on this journey that led us to Londiani.  This is the first station in changing the lives of girls and we will continue on to wherever it will go next. Join us on this journey. We know the ride will be uphill, long and full of turns, but with friends along the way the view from the top of the mountain will make it worthwhile.