Day 2 - G4G The Project

Day 2 – Londiani Community Interaction

This summary was prepared by: Fida (Lebanese Federation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), Evaline (Kenya Girl Guide Association) and Jocelyne (Guides du Senegal) on behalf of the Girl for Girls team.


  Londiani training exercizesThe facilitators began the day by retracing the essence of the Girls for Girls (G4G) project recalling how the dream of one person became a reality. Everyone here is so excited! 

The sessions started with the Londiani community participants discovering their learning style through games and activities.  These activities showed us the audio, visual and tactile methods of learning.

The participants then had the opportunity to explore life skills at the facilitation methods gallery. It was an interactive way of learning for both facilitators and the participants.

Masaita Secondary School

Londiani classroom 2In the afternoon, the G4G facilitators visited the Masaita Secondary School and saw some projects on sanitation and hygiene run by Friends of Londiani. The people we met there were very happy to see us and expressed their thanks.  A connection was made between the facilitators and the girls, making it seem we were old friends.  

Today was a good start. Getting to know everyone, setting a nice environment for everyone to work in trust and feel open to share experience and knowledge.

Katherine, G4G Facilitator, Greece

Londiani Day 2 townLondiani classroom Londiani leadership activity


Our visit to Masaita secondary school was fruitful. We learned a lot about water experiments and had the chance to meet some of the intelligent girls.

 Serpouhi, G4G Facilitator, Lebanon