Day 5 - Journey to Leadership - Farewell, Burundi!


Day 5 marked the end of the Journey to Leadership seminar in Burundi, Africa.

We started the morning by forming groups to work on advocacy skills including compromising, persuading and others in a diverse setting.We had lots of fun doing this through role plays and debates.

We also re-visited project management and started to plan and detail our individual projects based on the needs we identified in previous sessions.

Group Picture - Journey to Leadership 2011


In the evening the Burundian Girl Guides organised an amazing farewell party for us with lots of dancing and cultural displays. We’ve all had a life changing experience.

Thank you to the planning team and Burundian Girl Guides.

 Written by Huguette, Richel, Silvia, Wendy, Katrina, Jerica


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Nadia AZIABA du TOGO - 14 September 2011 - 1.38PM (GMT)

c'était vraiment magnifique ces moments passés au burundi, c'était très riche en renforcement de capacité sur le leadership, en échanges, techniques et dynamique de facilitation. en plus c'était très amusant. les filles, il est tant de porter notre voix pour avoir plus de femmes leaders

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