Day 4 - Journey to Leadership - Country profiles & Cabaret

A Kenyan participant presenting reserach - Journey to Leadership 2011This morning we gave the presentations of our research about female leadership in our countries and organizations. We had only five minutes to present our findings, so it was a bit stressful!

Did you know...

  • The country with the most women in parliament is Rwanda?
  • That only eleven days of paternity leave are given in Slovenia?
  • That there are only 20 young leaders out of one thousand members of the Girl Guides of Mauritius?
  • That in Zambia, as part of MDG 3, the Association of Girl Guides pays the school fees for young women and girls from rural areas?
  • Dans la plus part des recherches les filles avaient besoin de beaucoup plus de connaissances (ressources)

An Italian participant presenting reserach - Journey to Leadershio 2011After all the presentations we could see a lot of diversity but we also noticed many similarities. Now we can identify the needs of young women in our countries and hopefully we can set up projects to meet some of those needs.

After some further work on diversity it was time for a new Burundian experience; we all went out for dinner to a Cabaret, a mixture of a restaurant, a club and bar.  It was also maybe a new experience for the Cabaret to have such a big group of girl guides and scouts in attendance!  

We all had a great evening with lots of dancing, talking and laughing.

Stay tuned for updates from Day 5!


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Alice Boateng - 9 September 2011 - 3.10PM (GMT)

This is a great information. Thanks

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