Day 3 - Journey to Leadership - Projects & Partnerships


EU_Africa Participants (Germany & Zambia)

Day 3 of the Europe-Africa Journey to Leadership  seminar began with sessions exploring Project Management followed by a short introduction to Strategic Partnerships.

After morning sessions we were lucky enough to visit a partnership project of the Burundian Girl Guides in Buhonga near Bujumbura. On arrival we were given a huge welcome by the whole village with a special display of traditional drumming and dancing.

 Here were learnt about the role guiding plays in the women’s lives and how goats and seeds are distributed amongst the families. We then traveled on to the Burundian Girl Guide Office where we were treated to lunch and got some much needed rest. The local girl guides showed us how they make jewelry with paper!

On our way home we visited local monuments, the Tanganyika Lake and finished the day with a coaching clinic.

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Angelique, Shanna, Grace, Lilian, Heather and Claire


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