Day 2 - Journey to Leadership - Reflections & Role Play

EU-Africa - Workshop on Leadership skillsDay 2 of the Burundi “Journey to Leadership” seminar began bright and early with reflections with a particular focus on volunteers. 

With the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteering taking place recently it was a great time to reflect on the incredible contribution our volunteers make to our society.

The day moved on to explore the programme with fruitful discussions, providing us with opportunities to share experiences and knowledge through role play and team building exercises.  Here we covered topics such as motivation, creativity and communication and explored the roles they play in our journeys to leadership.

EU_Africa Participants (UK & Congo)Surprises of Day 2 included an introduction to the 5th World Centre project in Africa as well as a video message from the young women attending the Team Building advocacy event in Sangam, India!  This was a wonderful sharing opportunity and we hope to continue this dialogue throughout the seminars.

The night was capped off with intercultrual entertainment in representation of our diverse participants with food, dance, songs and stories from all over the World!

 Stay tuned for updates from Day 3!



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Alice Boateng - 7 September 2011 - 2.02PM (GMT)

Woah this is very formidable as most participants are getting real education from the WLDP modules. It brings a lot of memories back from Africa-Arab Youth forum. I pray everyone will put it into use to benefit others. Kudos to WAGGGS and all sponsors.

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