Volunteer - Treasurer, Europe Region

The treasurer is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Europe Committee who provides expertise on financial matters. The Committee retains responsibility for the management of the finances of the Region, with the support of the Treasurer if needed.

The treasurer will attend Europe Region Committee meetings throughout the term of office (two per year) and Chair’s team meetings upon request to ensure that the Region’s resources are well used. She/he will participate in the Committee discussions and be included in all the communications. In addition, the treasurer will be attending the European Guide and Scout Conference.

The treasurer will assist the Europe Chair and advise the Europe Committee on any aspect of the financial management of the Region. She/he will ensure that the Region manages its finances prudently, and can report to the Region’s Member Organisations on the effective use of all funds designated to the Region, such as the European Voluntary Contribution, grants and the regional allocation from WAGGGS.


  1. Work with the Head of Region and finance staff to ensure that reports produced for the Region (Europe Committee meetings and Regional Conferences) are in accordance with best practice and explain the Region’s finances clearly and transparently.
  2. Review the regional accounts on a regular basis and ensure that the Region is operating within budget. Draw the attention of the Committee to any variances which require action and recommend suitable strategies. Ensure that the commentary accompanying the accounts reflects the reasons for key variances and any actions being undertaken in response.
  3. Advise the Committee on suitable financial recommendations to propose at the Regional Conference / Extraordinary General Meeting, taking into account the changing needs of the Region and priorities of Member Organisations.
  4. Assist the Head of Region in the preparation of the annual and triennial budget, in accordance with WAGGGS’ timetable. Ensure this is considered by the Committee in good time, and that key issues are discussed, and relevant decisions made.
  5. Take the lead in assessing financial risk, in relation to key Region activities, and in accordance with WAGGGS’ risk management policy and procedure.
  6. Support the Europe Chair and relevant staff in monitoring the compliance and/or financial aspects of the AISBL (the Belgian international non-profit association).
  7. Be a member of the Europe Region WAGGGS AISBL.
  8. Support the Region in the development of any financial information needed to support fund development activities.
  9. Work with relevant finance and Member Relations staff to support Member Organisations with European Voluntary Contribution repayment plans as needed.
  10. Work with the WAGGGS Treasurer, Head of Region, and finance staff in a collaborative fashion to ensure the Europe Committee has timely access financial information needed to support decision making in the region. In the event of any concerns which are not being dealt with by the Europe Committee or responsible staff member, escalate these to the WAGGGS Treasurer.

Term of office

The Treasurer shall be appointed by the Europe Committee for a term of three years and shall be eligible for a second term of three years. The Treasurer may not serve more than six years consecutively.

Personal qualities


  • Experience in strategic advising on financial topics
  • Highly proficient in written and verbal English.
  • Ability to engage effectively and sensitively with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to demonstrate a commitment to and be a role model for WAGGGS’ organisational values of: Member Driven; Brave; Inclusive; Empowering; Transparent; Professional.


Knowledge of the AISBL or similar international non-profit associations and financial requirements.

Applicants will need to send the motivation letter, CV and approval from their International Commissioner to Eline.Groeholt@wagggs.org by 12:00 CET by 4 May 2020.

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