Girls go to the Arctic

Meet Sena and Miryam.

Earlier this year they travelled to the Arctic to bear witness to the disappearing sea ice. Watch their video diary to see what they found.

Film by Stephen Nugent

Sena and Miryam represented the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scout (WAGGGS) on a Greenpeace voyage in support of the Save the Arctic campaign.

Together with an international crew, they boarded an icebreaker ship at Svalbard, Norway, and sailed for two days to reach the Arctic ice. They learned how important the Arctic is, and how its destruction could affect people as far away as their home countries, Ghana and Peru.

Around 75% of the sea ice has been lost in the last 30 years and it is truly noticeable. We can all look after the environment even though we may come from faraway places.

Miryam Justo


The Arctic matters to us because we are the ones going to be alive in coming decades - the results of the loss of sea ice will affect us more since we are young and will experience its impact.

Sena Blankson


Sena and Miryam

The gallery below shows photos from Sena and Miryam’s trip to the Arctic.

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Miryam and Sena posters