Save the Arctic

The melting Arctic is under threat from oil drilling, industrial fishing and territorial conflict. We CAN save the Arctic. Let’s declare a global sanctuary at the top of the world.

The Arctic at risk

The Arctic is the name for the region at the very top of the world; it stretches over millions of square kilometres and it includes the tundra of Canada, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Alaska, most of Greenland, and a huge frozen ocean surrounding the North Pole.

Sign the Arctic scroll

The Arctic Scroll is a collection of names of people around the world who support Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign.

The scroll will be taken to the North Pole and planted on the seabed alongside the winning Flag for the Future.

More than two million people have signed already – will you?

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It is one of the last un-spoilt places on Earth.

It is home to almost four million people, including Indigenous Peoples who have lived in the region since time immemorial, and who have adapted to live in one of the coldest places on the planet.

It also provides a very special habitat for rare species like the polar bear and the near-mythical narwhal.

The Arctic acts like a global air conditioning system, thanks to its huge icy white surface, which reflects the sun’s heat back to space and regulates the planet’s temperature.

However, this natural cooling effect is under threat because the Arctic ice is melting due to climate change. 

The Arctic is particularly sensitive to global warming and already 75% of the Arctic sea ice has melted.

In 10 or 20 years, there might not be any summer sea ice left at all. This would change the world as we know it.

Who can protect the Arctic?

Right now the international waters around the North Pole belong to everyone everywhere.

But as the ice melts, the people, corporations and countries with vested interests are all anxious for their piece of the Arctic pie because they know that as the ice melts they can get their hands on the oil and other natural resources which until now have been unreachable.

Woman kissing polar bearBut drilling for oil could destroy the Arctic. 

An oil spill in this fragile area would be devastating and almost impossible to clean up.

On top of all this, burning that new oil will release even more of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, and this in turn will lead to more ice melting.

The problem will get worse and worse in a vicious circle of heating and melting.

The oil companies are willing to risk all this, despite the fact that the oil they gain will only be enough to last for three years!

About the Save the Arctic campaign

Instead of spending money on drilling for the oil that will cause even more environmental damage when it is burned, we need to take that money and invest it in clean, green, renewable energy that will power the planet without polluting it.

Polar bear

This is why Greenpeace is asking all countries in the United Nations to act together to protect the Arctic.

We are campaigning to create a global sanctuary in the international waters around the North Pole, making it off-limits to industrialisation.

We also want to ban offshore oil drilling in the whole Arctic region, and to stop the big industrial fishing ships that threaten to destroy the ocean environment.

By planting a Flag for the Future and the signatures of millions of people at the North Pole, we will be planting a powerful seed of hope.

With your help, we can make sure this seed grows into an unstoppable movement of people who together can persuade global decision makers to protect the Arctic from those who threaten it.

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