Goddess within me

Wellness event honour the goddess/god within you!

Wellness event honour the goddess/god within you!

The event is designed specifically with your health and wellbeing in mind. Spend time exploring your physical, mental and emotional self and discover anew your point of balance during sessions designed to expand and enrich your life. Come to the birthplace of Yoga to take time to reflect, move, learn and grow, all in the supportive environment of your world home in India.

During this event you will visit various places of cultural significance in Pune and learn the stories behind the structures and images. You will have an opportunity to take part in Yoga and other sessions to enhance your health and well-being and these sessions will be designed for every level of experience and flexibility.

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The event will also include the sessions that are unique to any Sangam experience including the Welcome Ceremony and there will be with plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Indian culture. The event will include a visit with one of Sangam’s Community Partners where you will learn more about their work and yourself. You will also learn more about WAGGGS and come to feel completely at home with yourself and your world home in India.

This is Sangam Wellness Event!

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