Gifts for Change

Come to Sangam and give the gift of yourself!

Come to Sangam and give the gift of yourself!

Volunteer your time to a project at Sangam and work with one or more of our Community Partner organisations in a Community Action Project. Build friendships of a lifetime as you work in an international team of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Discover how to bring about real change in your own life and the lives of others.


Learn about Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and be part of the latest WAGGGS global initiatives as you develop an international perspective on issues that matter to the members of our ten-million-strong movement. Learn about the traditions and holidays of an ancient and ever-changing India. Gain confidence as you discover the colourful city of Pune through visits to its diverse sights.

This is a Sangam Leadership event.

Ages: All Ages

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Sangam World Centre | Sangam Reception
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