Leadership online: New courses

20 February 2013- 6 March 2013

Email: elearning@wagggs.org
Website: http://www.wagggsworld.org/en/take_action/leadershipdevelopment/elearning/Leadershiponline

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Leadership online, e-learning course

This online course is an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and personal growth. Our four stage course has been built as part of the e-learning initiative (for more information see here).

These courses allow us to use digital tools to learn, communicate, and connect together from around the world.

This seminar is a great way for young women to broaden their horizons through interacting with other young women from around the world. This provides opportunities for developing leadership and life skills which will prepare them for responsibilities in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, in the wider community, in their personal and professional lives.

Objectives of the course:

This online course will help participants to explore the basics of leadership development, looking at your role as a leader and how this can be affected by different situations and influences. We will explore your experiences, how your role as a leader may develop and begin to understand your approach to leadership situations to become a balanced, resilient and inspiring leader.

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