Leadership online

1 October 2012- 7 November 2012

Email: elearning@wagggsworld.org
Website: http://www.wagggsworld.org/en/take_action/leadershipdevelopment/elearning/Leadershiponline

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Leadership online, e-learning course

This online course is an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and personal growth. Our online prototype which we are building as part of the e-learning initiative (for more information see here) allows us to use digital tools to learn, communicate, and connect together from around the world.WAGGGS will host an online basic leadership course from 1 October-7 November 2012, with a week training prior to the event. This seminar is a great way for young women to broaden their horizons through interacting with other young women from around the world. This provides opportunities for developing leadership and life skills which will prepare them for responsibilities in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, in the wider community, in their personal and professional lives.

Objectives of the course:

This online course will help participants to explore the basics of leadership development, looking at your role as a leader and how this can be affected by different situations and influences. We will explore your experiences, how your role as a leader may develop and begin to understand your approach to leadership situations to become a balanced, resilient and inspiring leader.

We will look at the following themes:

Week 1: Introduction to e-learning & the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP)

Week 2: Learning styles, leadership styles and leadership in the wider world

Week 3: Teams and Communication

Week 4: Motivation, Delegation and Assertiveness

Week 5: Feedback 

By taking part in this course you will be given the opportunity to work with learning materials adapted from the full WLDP materials which are available online and as a printable pdf file, you will be supported by trained WLDP e-facilitators, and you will be able to work with your peers from around the world.

Although this is still a trial course our previous course was a great success with 50 young women working together online.

E-learning is great for me; I know I would never have had the chance to participate in a WAGGGS WLDP course if there hadn't been on online opportunity (Participant from Australia)
I enjoyed the technical platform immensely. It allowed people from all over the world to learn and work together. I've never worked on a project with people from so many different countries from all over the world. The platform provided a way for us to share our diverse ideas, learn new presentation programs, and hear about how different cultures view leadership (Participant from USA)
This course has opened my eyes to so many things. I have become a better person and a better leader  (Participant from Kenya)

Profile of participants expected at the event:

  • Be part of WAGGGS registered Member Organisation (if you are unsure please check here)*
  • Be between 19 - 30 years old
  • Be available for the entire period of the course and commit to meeting deadlines
  • Be committed to the completion of the course
  • Good internet access to join on-line community regularly
  • Have a good level of written English to read materials and to communicate with other participants
  • No WLDP experience
  • No previous leadership skills training
*If you are selected to participate we will communicate with your member organisation to inform them of your progress on the course

Details of the event:

Venue: Online

Date: 1 October 2012 - 7 November 2012

Amount of time: roughly 10-30 minutes every day as far as possible            

Closing date for applications: 27th August 2012      

We would like to acknowledge the generous support from the University of Reading that has enabled us to develop this project.

Spaces are limited to 50 so please apply as soon as possible. 

Please see more details about these courses here.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Claire Spiret, Learning Technologies Officer, at elearning@wagggsworld.org